The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 872 with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson

Episode Number: 872
Episode Guest: Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson
Original Airdate: November 15, 2016
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Guest Bio: Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as Fingerprints of the Gods. His latest book Magicians of the Gods is available now. Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer, and renegade scholar.

Topics Discussed: Crowdfunding comet research; Los Angeles asteroid strike; people don’t want to talk about comet or asteroid impacts; Joe Rogan’s Twitter beef with Michael Shermer about Gobekli Tepe; people try to explain away new evidence about past civilizations; the earth is littered with scars from past asteroid impacts; how can we prevent asteroid impacts on earth; we will soon be able to mine asteroids for resources; Taurid meteor stream; mainstream media is ignoring asteroids and potential catastrophes; Coyote America book; past catastrophes wiped out species of animals; Clovis culture; temperature changes on earth; trinitite; only $50,000,000 per year is being spent on researching asteroid impacts; hunter/gatherer societies don’t produce structures like Gobekli Tepe; our ancestors may have been far more advanced than we realize; talk about floods; John Anthony West; Magical Egypt series; are there more structures yet to be found that are like Gobekli Tepe; monolith at the bottom of the Sicilian channel; more structures will be found through marine archaeology; supervolcanoes; The Sphinx is a highly eroded stone object; new discoveries at Baalbek; lost human civilizations, not aliens, built these massive structures; new comet research talk; melt water spikes; recent tsunamis; melt water tsunamis in the past; Montana was once filled with water; water from floods likely came from Canada; a major cosmic impact possibly melted the ice sheet; the Great Lakes were created from melted glaciers; Atlantis talk; myth of Phaethon; more Taurid meteor stream talk; Halloween and its connection to astronomy; are we a species with amnesia; Zecharia Sitchin; The 12th Planet book; Anunnaki talk; we need skeptics; ancient civilizations with detailed maps of the stars; Caduceus; encountering entities while under the influence of DMT; DMT: The Spirit Molecule book; DMT is ignored by mainstream culture; Joe talks again about Moses and the burning bush and its connection to DMT; Freemasons; Joe gets tweets about being a Satanist because he once went to a Satanic wedding; Freemasonry and symbolism; Freemasonry and Washington DC; Graham doesn’t commit himself to any clubs or religions; Ethiopia and the Ark of the Covenant; Fingerprints of the Gods book; Magicians of the Gods book; Graham is an outsider and admits when he makes mistakes; Randall making friends with mainstream geologists; more talk about Michael Shermer trolling Joe and Randall; academics are slowly willing to engage about ancient civilizations; Bosnian pyramids; Chinese pyramids; Terracotta army; talk about China’s past; (Randall shows a video and talks about it); Camas prairie; talk about how the US was flooded and created rippled land; we know very little about our past; Last Rambles Amongst the Indians of the Rocky Mountains and the Andes book; we destroyed the past of Native Americans; hunter/gatherers and advanced civilizations live together; hunter/gatherers will survive when advanced civilizations fall; Joe rants about deer; people are arrogant and complacent; Hurricane Katrina; how would we prepare for a future disaster; Joe talks about Not Another Teen Movie; old movies are like a cultural time machine; we are on a great path towards the future; John Oliver’s “Fuck 2016” video; Tunguska event; the waking up of humanity; legalization of marijuana in the United States; systems in place are designed to protect themselves; we haven’t evolved beyond our tribal mentality; (Randall shows another video and talks about it); Potholes Reservoir; Channeled Scablands; light pollution; ancient cultures were connected to the cosmos; (Randall shows some pictures); Niagara Falls; (more pictures of Randall’s); the planet is dynamic; (more pictures of the earth from Randall); Snake River; Bonneville Salt Flats; more talk about comet impacts; (more pictures…); Yaeger Rock; (more pictures…); Grand Coulee Dam; Joe wants someone to debate Randall about his theories; Michael Shermer wants to debate Graham; North America was once covered by ice that was two-miles thick; melting ice is like an eraser for the earth; (Randall shows more pictures).

My Thoughts: You’ll probably want to watch this if you’re interested in these two guys. Randall shows a couple videos and shows a lot of pictures. Talk about the past, the future, and how past catastrophes altered the landscape.

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