The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 870 with Bert Kreischer

Episode Number: 870
Episode Guest: Bert Kreischer
Original Airdate: November 9, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, LegalZoom, JackThreads, Uber, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor, and reality television host. Check out his book Life of the Party on Amazon and his podcast The Bertcast on Stitcher and iTunes. His comedy special The Machine debuts on Showtime Friday, November 11, 2016 at 10 PM.

Topics Discussed: Recreational marijuana legalized in California; Joe got drunk and Bill Burr got stoned at the End of the World show; more talk about the End of the World show; we like to categorize people; talk about the election, Trump, and Hillary; Hillary Clinton email controversy; the Clintons doing speeches in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundationthe Canada Immigration website crashed; Vancouver compared to Seattle; comedians making fun of each other; Bert talks about shooting his special; Tom and Bert fat shaming each other; Bert taking his shirt off on stage; The Comedy Store talk; improvising stand-up comedy; Bert’s “The Machine” story; balancing stand-up comedy and doing TV shows; doing multiple spots per night; Bill Burr and Joey Diaz are the funniest people alive; more talk about the End of the World show; talk about Trump becoming president; Ronald Reagan talk; Reagan’s speech about aliens; releasing tigers into the population; Bert drank goat blood; Trichinosis; calling someone a “bro”; broscience; talk about street fights; don’t talk shit to people you don’t know; people cutting in lines; lines at football games; fights in the audience at UFC events; Bert talks about going to an XFL game; Bert was choked out by a Gracie; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu talk; Brock Lesnar talk; martial arts belts in different disciplines; Jean Jacques Machado; Bruce Lee; getting hit in the jaw; Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez knockout video; concussions; priests; Bert saw a kid get molested; kids getting tied up; camp and counselors; Boy Scouts; why are people attracted to children; a lot of molesters were once molested; 10 movie; Lolita book; Bert talks about being stoned riding motorcycles in Vietnam; Joey Diaz is funny; story about someone walking into Bert’s backyard; heroin; Mitch Hedberg; Marilyn Manson; Marilyn Manson’s Donald Trump video; Tool Undertow album; Maynard James Keenan; Diplo; DJ AM; Las Vegas shows and DJs; doing a comedy residency; more talk about the End of the World show; talk about porn; Bert likes close-up orgasms and down-blouse porn; more talk about fetishes and porn; casting couch porn; Impractical Jokers show; Jamie Kennedy talk; white guys doing blackface; Al Jolson; Al Jolson blackface video; Gene Simmons; blackface Halloween costumes and costume parties; Ted Danson blackface video; cultural appropriationAmy Schumer and Goldie Hawn singing “Formation” by Beyonce; is learning another language cultural appropriation; comedy and what people find offensive; Tracy Morgan; Bert’s Tracy Morgan story; memories are inaccurate; Pavlovian response; more talk about Donald Trump; talk about immigrants and refugees; cultures that accept rape; social norms; slavery wasn’t that long ago; crime-ridden neighborhoods are cultural wounds that we need to heal; media coverage of the presidential election; Cubans compared to Mexicans; pikies; Trump becoming president shows that anything is possible; Alaska talk; Joe talks about deer antlers; comics tweeting about the presidential election; dating a girl who’s good at Judo; Lethal Weapon fight scene with Mel Gibson putting Gary Busey in a triangle; leg strength and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; fat guys with big legs; Joe talks about almost going blind because of a childhood friend; Bert used to shoot water out his ass at friends; Lynyrd Skynyrd songs; INXS; listening to headphones on a motorcycle; Led Zeppelin stolen songs; leaving voicemail; Joe is switching to a Google Pixel Android phone and a Lenovo ThinkPad P50 Windows laptop; Google Assistant; daylight saving time; parts of the world where it is dark or light for days at a time; 30 Days of Night movie; Westworld TV show; Tait Fletcher; Morgan Murphy talk; doing more End of the World podcasts regularly; Bert talks about making a bet with Tom Segura to lose weight; Bert has a giant head; has Bert gotten dumber or smarter; Bert’s drinking; Bert’s weight and diet; taking a break from drinking and drugs; prescription drugs; Nuvigil; sharing podcast numbers with friends.

My Thoughts: I like Bert but I’m sick of him mentioning his “flying dildos” and “The Machine” stories during every podcast I’ve ever listened to with him.

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