The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 864 with Kevin Ross and Gaston Bolanos

Episode Number: 864
Episode Guest: Kevin Ross and Gaston Bolanos
Original Airdate: October 24, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Squarespace, MeUndies, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross is an American Muay Thai kickboxer and former mixed martial artist. Gaston “The Dreamkiller” Bolanos is a professional Muay Thai fighter, recently signed to Bellator.

Topics Discussed: Why isn’t Muay Thai (MT) more popular; Muay Thai compared to kickboxing; Muay Thai dancing (wai khru); Muay Thai live compared to watching on TV; defunct MT promotions; Lion Fight; MT in Peru; Muay Thai in MMA; skull fractures; fighting injured; reasons for fighting; motivation to continue fighting; starting MT at 23-years-old; fighting younger compared to being older; benefits to starting older; coaches; gym partners; training; knee injuries and surgeries; hitting mitts/bags compared to a person; aqua bags; movement and footwork; what they think while watching MMA; fighting in Bellator; more kickboxing vs. Muay Thai talk; Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym; Kevin Ross vs. Saenchai fight video; MT is complex; diamond belt fights; more Saenchai talk; MT compared to other martial arts; how MT fights are judged in North America compared to Asia; takedowns in Muay Thai; judging; having a fight decision overturned; you don’t know how a fight is going while you’re in it; the best fighters are complex and intelligent people; you can’t appreciate fighting if you’re not a fighter; if MT was on network TV people would fall in love; being a fighter in your mid-thirties; thinking you’re invincible; Mike Tyson talks about walking to the ring; fighting is very mental; overcoming losses; working with mental coaches; focusing on an upcoming fight; surrounding yourself with good people; strength and conditioning; balancing training and strength and conditioning; dealing with a language barrier while training; teaching others; Anderson Silva‘s technique vs. Rich Franklin; Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson‘s karate style in MMA; competing in boxing; competing in MMA and kickboxing; weight cuts and dieting; ketogenic diet; getting bloodwork done; vitamins and supplements; finding inspiration; Unbroken book; The Rise of Superman book; being an inspiration to others.

My Thoughts: If you looove Muay Thai and/or fighting you might find this interesting, but I found it to be mostly dull. Maybe if I knew who these guys were I’d have found it a little more entertaining.

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