The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 863 with Duncan Trussell

Episode Number: 863
Episode Guest: Duncan Trussell
Original Airdate: October 20, 2016
Episode Sponsors:, Onnit,, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian and host of his own podcast The Duncan Trussell Family Hour.

Topics Discussed: Nietzsche; Naked Lunch book; Food of the Gods book; mushroom and psilocybin talk; psilocybin mushrooms stimulate growth of new brain cells; chimps throwing rocks at trees; are chimps entering the stone age; orangutan spear fishing; how our minds process things; ants; Duncan watched a bee; Joe tells a story about local bees vs. new bees; Duncan thinks he communicates with his plants; signals we can’t detect; non-physical energy exchange; loving people; ego; portals to other dimensions; Fermi paradox; time travel talk; directed panspermia; the universe and infinity; is life a simulation; No Man’s Sky game; procedural generation; life is getting more complex and is all made by a star explosion; what made us; praying; life systems; the entire planet could be a subatomic particle; Emerald Tablet; Issac Newton; brilliant insane people; Roswell UFO crash and our advancement in technology; ideas are a life form; Nikola Tesla; John Lilly talk; masturbating dolphins; dolphin communication; crow says “fuck you” video; crow starts a cat fight then watches video; The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe; people would benefit more from pot than alcohol; Hillary Clinton is anti-marijuana; marijuana arrests outnumber violent crimes; “The Clinton Foundation is Gross” article; Clinton/Trump debate talk; Politico reporter admits he’s a hack; Trump backs punishment for women who get abortions; pharmaceutical company fighting marijuana legalization in Arizona; more vets have killed themselves than died in combat; how different news outlets report the news; Ecuador cut Julian Assange’s internet access; rumors that a Wikileaks bomb will drop on November 1, 2016; more Hillary Clinton email controversy talk; Duncan’s idea to help Julian Assange escape; Julian Assange dancing video; Joe talks about flat earth conspiracy theorists again; Cacophony Society; Tales of the Cacophony Society book; Duncan started a chapter of the Cacophony Society and had a meeting in a grocery store; Brendon Walsh’s Whole Foods prank; Burning Man talk; “How was Burning Man?” video; Burning Man temple; what if Burning Man became a city; Duncan keeps talking about Burning Man; you can get lost in the information online; Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends talk; giving things away feels good; Burning Man is only good a couple weeks at a time; Joe drops “love bombs”; leaving big tips; Duncan gave away all his tickets in an arcade; after disasters people are kind to one another; there’s a hospital/safe space at Burning Man for people who are too high; MAPS and Rick Doblin; memory, traumatic events, and MDMA; NPR radio voice; Jian Ghomeshi; (Duncan goes to the bathroom); Burning Man and land management; how garbage is cleaned up at Burning Man; talk about Burning Man artwork; Burning Man tesla coil video; Burning Man Catacomb of Veils; Burning Man White Ocean; there are tents for fisting and orgies at Burning Man; Burning Man Orgy Dome; Burning Man Thunder Dome; there are cops at Burning Man.

My Thoughts: Duncan and Joe are very high and have a conversation that two very high people would have, then it turns to politics and A LOT of talk about Burning Man.

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