The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 861 with Bryan Callen

Episode Number: 861
Episode Guest: Bryan Callen
Original Airdate: October 18, 2016
Episode Sponsors: MVMT Watches, Squarespace, Blue Apron, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts The Fighter and the Kid podcast.

Topics Discussed: The drinking age; acting immature; taking care of your body; hookworm infection; Bryan’s sister had worms coming out of her ass; guinea worms; tapeworms; E. coli from salad; Salton Sea; Aral Sea; dead salmon; worm video debunked; conspiracy theorists; chemtrails; the media isn’t objective; what if Trump is working with Hillary to make her look better; Trump debates scientist video; Trump’s brain; Trump used to be a democrat; more talk about the presidential election; Bill Clinton pardons Marc Rich; Clinton Foundation and uranium deal; Clinton Foundation talk; slush funds; categorizing people as left or right; picking a side; economy of influence; the political system in Switzerland; Trump would be a fun guy to hang out with; Trump is making people think and talk; conspiracy that the US will go to war with Russia; harmony is beautiful; what is beauty; Fibonacci sequence/number; standard of beauty; Robert Crumb; R. Crumb’s drawings of women; Bryan is attracted to muscular women; we have cavemen genes and want to fuck all the time; reward systems; Joe thinks he could beat up a giant woman; hermaphrodite antelope; affluenza and the issues of growing up as a rich child; pills that kids are taking; drug company fighting legalization of marijuana in Arizona; talk about legalization of marijuana and how it’s being fought; why aren’t politicians talking about deaths from prescription drugs or cigarettes; is grabbing a girl’s pussy or forcibly kissing someone sexual assault or rape; Dan Bilzerian had sex with someone without ever talking to her; more talk about what the definition of rape/sexual assault is; the police should handle rape/sexual assault cases; Occidental University drunk sex case; white knights; women are intimidated by men; victim mentality; how to stop campus sexual assault; terrorist groups and Islamic movements; Islamic fundamentalism; what if Bernie Sanders ran as independent; The Dorito Effect book; family farming; growing vegetables vs. factory farming of meat; ag-gag laws; Fit for Life book; plants are more intelligent than mollusks; Consider the Lobster book; roaches are related to shellfish; Joe talks about eating roaches; eating a deer’s eyeball; pigeons sucked into grain silo; farming machinery kills animals; we should all be growing our own produce and meat; Joe rants about the sizes of cities; Dan Flores’ paper “Bison Ecology and Bison Diplomacy“; Native Americans, horses, and bison; Of Wolves and Men book; short-faced bear; giant bear walks past guard booth in Alaska video; talk about bears; Joe tells the story about a guy getting attacked in a tent by a bear during his first hunting trip; talk about how the Inuit would kill animals and get water; who would go to Antarctica; James Baldwin debates William Faulkner video; formality of communicating; typewriters; QWERTY keyboards; DVORAK keyboards; dairy and clearing your throat; goat milk; Bryan talks about a study of goats and what they eat; The Dorito Effect book; how long it takes to grow a chicken; wild turkey meat; Joe got Bryan a bow; Joe explains shooting an arrow; mastering something and applying it to your life; obsessing about something; obsession and depression; talk about Prince; Prince believes in chemtrails; Bryan talks about how tiny Prince was; Carmen Electra; Fat Actress TV show; Kirstie Alley is a Scientologist; talk about Scientology; Holy Hell documentary; Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize; Bob Dylan’s lyrics; rock ‘n’ roll and drugs; requiring politicians to eat mushrooms; Joe talks about DMT; what Joe likes about psychedelics; people should do difficult things; smart people are aware of too much; Alex Honnold Yosemite “Heaven” video; Alex Honnold talk; The Book of Five Rings book.

My Thoughts: Bryan was on less than a month ago. Not sure why he’s on again. More talk about politics, sexual assault/rape, factory farming, hunting, animals, meat, and drugs. I miss Bryan’s debaucherous tales of his youth.

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