The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 860 with Russell Peters

Episode Number: 860
Episode Guest: Russell Peters
Original Airdate: October 14, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Loot Crate, ZipRecruiter, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Russell Peters is an actor and stand-up comedian, currently touring internationally all over the world. His latest stand-up comedy special Almost Famous is now on Netflix.

Topics Discussed: Chris Rock is getting $40 million for two Netflix specials; Westworld TV show; Logan’s Run movie; how women dress; grabbing pussy; reality TV; there are a lot of assholes; Eric B. and Rakim; running into another comic; Brother Sam book; brain damage and impulse control; hammerfist punch; spinning back fist; street fights; Kat Williams; Kat Williams vs. Steve Harvey video; Steve Harvey talk; being influenced by another comedian; comedians trying to sound like Mitch Hedberg; comedy club talk; doing a special in a small club; Sarah Silverman; writing comedy; writing new material after shooting a special; comedians who do old material; doing puns; doing comedy in Saudi Arabia; keeping men and women separated; homosexuality in Saudi Arabia; does he get worried doing comedy in the Middle East; Utah and Mormons; San Francisco isn’t gay anymore; real estate in California; Johnny Depp’s Los Angeles apartment; Elon Musk and Amber Heard; University of Toronto professor attacks political correctness; gender talk and changing sex; flowers; regrowing and transplanting flowers and plants; avoiding carbs; Russell trained boxing before his special; working the core; people with HIV and AIDS; comedians with a distinct voice; Bill Hicks; Andy Kindler; sitcoms are dead; why Russell doesn’t smoke pot; eating too many edibles; cops eat pot brownies and call 911 video; drinking and hangovers; Hunter S. Thompson and alcohol; Doug Stanhope’s booze suit video; Gary Johnson didn’t know what Aleppo is; Gary Johnson didn’t know world leaders; Ukrainian people; Aleksandr Karelin; Georges St-Pierre; Ronda Rousey; taking time off after a knockout; talk about Ronda Rousey and Edmond Tarverdyan; Donald Cerrone doesn’t spar anymore; Amanda Nunes vs. Ronda Rousey; Cris “Cyborg” Justino; Amanda Nunes vs. Cat Zingano; watching UFC events live; Valentina Shevchenko; Raquel Pennington; Miesha Tate vs. Holly Holm; other UFC commentators; Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson; training for MMA; Jon Jones talk; Conor McGregor refuses to fight in Nevada after $150,000 fine for throwing bottles at Nate Diaz; Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier brawl during face off; UFC bonuses; UFC fighter pay; fighters imitating Conor McGregor; losing in MMA compared to boxing; Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and boxing talk; Gennady Golovkin; Vasyl Lomachenko; Michael Bisping vs. Dan Henderson fight; MMA judging and scoring; John Lineker; boxing promoters; Bernard HopkinsAndre Ward; boxers and injuries; Matt Serra’s arm; owls; monkey riding deer video; baboons raise feral dogs as pets video; Russell’s dad killed a tiger in India; importing tiger skins; Sundarbans and tigers; woman mauled by tiger to sue Beijing wildlife park; African Lion Safari; bobcats; lynx; Canada goose; eagles; more tiger talk; ligers; coyotes fuck dogs; Coyote America book; turkeys; elk meat; “coyote ugly” term; longing for nostalgia; visiting your childhood home; Joe lived  in Boston and lost his accent; Russell’s Canadian accent; Bryan Callen talk; Russell’s acid reflux; Protonix; Joe says Russell should change his diet; talk about food; pizza toppings; Indian food talk; are Indian people peaceful because they mostly eat vegetarian; more talk about Sundarbans and tigers; fighting an animal; dumb people; life isn’t fair; isolation tank talk; sleep apnea; losing weight and dieting; cheat days and cheat meals; pasta meals; Italian food; Kevin James is a martial artist; cheese; raw cheese and milk; homogenization and pasteurization; stem cell treatments; we will be able to live into our 100s; HGH and cancer; cancer in people who work with chemicals; secondhand cigarette smoke and cancer; the banning of smoking in public places; smoking in the car with the windows rolled up; dating someone who farts too much.

My Thoughts: Lots of MMA and boxing talk. Joe talks about animals again, of course. Lots of food talk.

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