The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 854 with Louie Simmons

Episode Number: 854
Episode Guest: Louie Simmons
Original Airdate: September 30, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Loot Crate, ZipRecruiter, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Louie Simmons is an American powerlifter and strength coach. He is noted for owning a private powerlifting gym, Westside Barbell; developing the “Westside Barbell” method of training and applying it to powerlifting and other sports; and inventing several pieces of strength training equipment.

Topics Discussed: How he came to invent the reverse hyper bench; his powerlifting history; powerlifting vs. Olympic lifting; working with fighters; Mark Coleman; how he works with fighters; importance of varying training; scheduling; changing workouts; why he has a private gym; how he makes money; his neck injury; developing machines; explanation of the reverse hyper bench; neck harness; fighters and neck/back injuries; Louie’s injuries; steroids and performance enhancing drugs; PEDs and fighting; more steroids/PEDs talk; HCG; are PEDs cheating; Diaz brothers; vegans and testosterone; females and testosterone; more talk about sports, steroids/PEDs, and drug testing; Louie has been on steroids for decades; taking too many steroids; roid rage; Louie talks about what steroids he’s taking and has taken; he thinks HGH is worthless; Louie has a fake shoulder and still lifts; steroids and recovery; Louie’s diet; diet and aggression; difference between bodybuilders and powerlifters; muscle types; people don’t understand powerlifters; America doesn’t have any good Olympic weightlifters; world’s strongest men competitions and competitors; using a wheelbarrow; strength and conditioning needs to be combined; Mariusz Pudzianowski; Tim Sylvia; Alistair Overeem; vegan bodybuilders; Olympics and drug testing; doping in Russia; Victor Conte; Louie thinks it would be better if people could take whatever they want; Louie wants to beat people up for no reason; steroids and over-the-counter drugs; mandatory military service; society and the pecking order; Louie beat up a teacher when he was six; Louie was a bully; men don’t experience struggles; overcoming adversity; Louie has no kids; Louie’s goals and plans before he dies; reducing injuries in MMA through powerlifting; Louie doesn’t do regular squats or deadlifts; men are pussies today; quitters; men appreciate MMA because they’re pussies; yoga; he had arsenic and Strychnine injections; electrical muscle stimulation; anti inflammatories; severed nerves; training while he was in the hospital; stem cells; Louie’s shoulder; what exercises Louie does now; neck deadlifts; neck strength.

My Thoughts: Audio-only podcast, so no video for this one. Lots of talk about steroids and PEDs along with weightlifting and injuries. He seems like a bit of a douche, to be honest.

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