The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 853 with Adam Greentree

Episode Number: 853
Episode Guest: Adam Greentree
Original Airdate: September 28, 2016
Episode Sponsors: JackThreads, DraftKings, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Adam Greentree is a bowhunter and photographer from Australia.

Topics Discussed: Deadly animals/insects/reptiles in Australia; seeing wolves and bears in the mountains while hunting in Australia; hunting 12 miles into the woods of Montana; lightweight backpacking/hiking/hunting; stuff Adam wishes he packed; talk about clothing and fabrics; how much food he packs; drinking filtered buffalo piss; talk about his backpack and what he packs; food he packs; losing weight hunting; planning where he goes; don’t be afraid to fail; not seeing anything to hunt; crying after killing an animal; controlling the wolf population in Yellowstone; elk in Yellowstone; mountain lions; Joe talks about wild horses again; wolves killing cattle in Washington state; cows and ranchers; wolf howls; Adam talks about wolves in Alaska; wolf shit poisons elk; people are disconnected from nature; eagles; guy with dozens of eagles in his backyard video; sloth vs. eagle video; zoos; giraffes in zoos; mountain lions; being alone in the woods and disconnected from technology reignites certain senses; life is easy today; people are detached from their food; people complain about their easy lives; bears are without compassion; predators eating prey that’s still alive; charismatic megafauna; hunters are compassionate; Adam worked at a slaughterhouse; hunting an animal for food is beautiful; trichanosis; not everyone can kill their own food; we desire objects we see; indigenous Australians are happy with what they have; people should desire world experiences; hardship in nature makes you appreciate your life; Adam had a bad childhood with an abusive alcoholic father and doesn’t drink now; young people witnessing violence; Joe’s talks with his daughters; stress and doing too many things; Joe wants to do a bowhunting TV show; learning how to be on vacation; Australia uses feral cats and foxes to deal with rabbits; dingos; crocodiles; a crocodile stole a pig Adam shot; Nile crocodiles are in Florida; cane toads; alligator meat; more crocodile talk; box jellyfish; protected animals in Australia; kangaroo plague Australia video200 lb. ripped kangaroo crushes metal video; kangaroo fight video; kangaroo chokes other kangaroo video; echidnaplatypus; eating beaver meat; hunter stereotypes; hunters are conservationists and want to connect with nature; how Adam got into bowhunting; making his own arrows; giving meat away; boar meat; animals during mating season; hunting should be natural; high fence hunting; Adam talks about getting screwed over while hunting in Africa; Joe talks about Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday documentary again; more talk about Africa and trophy hunting; Australia’s hunting industry; talk about hunting buffalo; eating old buffalo meat; eating organ meat; how indigenous people in Australia prepare and eat their meat; how Australians speak; barramundi fish; dealing with mosquitoes; cooling off in water and worrying about crocodiles; scrub bulls; the cattle industry in Australia; bulls; banteng; be quiet and humble after shooting an animal; arrows to kill a buffalo; talk about adjusting his bows and arrows; Adam talks about his photography and his Canon 5D Mark III camera; (they look at pictures he’s taken); Adam’s Instagram; archery is therapy; trips where you don’t talk to anyone; he took a satellite phone with him just in case.

My Thoughts: These hunting podcasts do nothing for me. If you like them, you will enjoy this episode.

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