The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 851 with Shane Mauss

Episode Number: 851
Episode Guest: Shane Mauss
Original Airdate: September 26, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, MVMT Watches, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Shane Mauss is a stand-up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called Here We Are available on iTunes. You can also check out his Netflix special called Mating Season.

Topics Discussed: Talk about Duncan Trussell; playing with Duncan’s virtual reality Occulus Rift; what could come in the future for virtual reality; VR painting and art; Facebook billionaire funding Trump’s meme machine; trolling; celebrity voting video; talk about campaigning to be president; debates; the government keeping marijuana illegal; gay marriage; women in movies and TV; Alien movie; people are scared of change and like things they’ve seen before; movie reboots; reading fiction; inspirational entertainment; Shane talks about his friend who lost a lot of weight; Shane talks about breaking his heels while hiking; Shane’s My Big Break album; recovering from his broken heels and getting a heel bone infection; dealing with his health insurance; having to perform medical procedures himself; his mental health during this time; learning to give zero fucks; his feet still hurt today and he occasionally needs a cane; he’s still rock climbing today; exercise talk; hindu squats; hiking is hard; exercising after taking time off; Shane quit cigarettes and is vaping; how his broken heels changed his view of the world; kratom and how it helps him with his foot pain; talk about marijuana legalization and why it’s being kept illegal; Nixon’s war on drugs targeted blacks and hippies; psychedelics make you more open; the government is clueless about drugs; Ted “Unabomber” Kaczynski and LSD; how pot affects people; differences between types of weed; doing comedy high; why we laugh at things; a lot of comedy today is pop culture references; talk about kratom and how it’s becoming illegal; sleeping for 20 minutes every two hours; holotropic breathing; DMT; isolation tanks; connecting to our past through drugs; tripping on mushrooms and seeing the past; can memories/fear/stress/anxiety be passed to children through genetics; the human imagination is powerful; REM sleep and DMT; DreamSphere dream journal app; being able to record our dreams; Shane talks about doing ayahuasca; near-death experiences; being in the womb; dreams on drugs; creating a virtual DMT world in VR without having to take DMT; Lexus hoverboard video; Flyboard Air test video; we explore space but not the ocean; the ocean is full of aliens; weird squid with crab legs video; volcanoes; Joe talks about seeing volcanoes in Hawaii; the reality of space is insane; talk about the universe and imagination; what is real; more drug talk; how music can alter perception; the brain and memories; DMT and other dimensions; more talk about DMT; memories aren’t accurate; people’s perception of themselves; humans are weird; angst and expressing yourself; Nirvana talk; Guns ‘n’ Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” video; tattoos; 3D tattoos; Joe watches more of those crane climber videos; Shane went to jail; Shane evaded police in his car; he got a DUI.

My Thoughts: Starts and ends well, but the middle is full of stoner talk. Listening to someone talk about their drug trips is about as interesting as listening to someone tell you about their dream. That is to say it’s only interesting to the person who experienced it.

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