The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 849 with James Kingston

Episode Number: 849
Episode Guest: James Kingston
Original Airdate: September 20, 2016
Episode Sponsors: DraftKings, Squarespace, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: James Kingston is a British freerunner and adventurer with a YouTube channel where he can be seen climbing some of the world’s tallest buildings and cranes.

Topics Discussed: How doing parkour led him into overcoming his fear of heights by climbing really high structures; wingsuit flier hits bridge video; gaining popularity online; Russian and Ukrainian daredevils like Mustang Wanted; what he’s thinking about while hanging off a bridge; do his hands get sweaty; hanging and arm strength; how he makes his living doing stunts and climbing things; people dying falling off cranes; more talk about the wingsuit guy hitting the bridge; guy riding a hoverboard on the edge of a building video; how often he uploads new videos; putting things on his hands for improved grip; Stickum and Dry Hands; quitting school; what his parents think; legal repercussions to climbing and trespassing; climbing a crane that started moving while he was on it; climbing in Dubai and worrying about getting arrested; does he ever jerk off on a crane; how long it took him to get to the top of the crane; talk about Dubai; Dubai to get world’s largest ferris wheel; amusement park rides are boring to him now; talk about rides and rollercoasters; does he think long term; what he wants to do in the future; talk about shooting a television pilot; would he post/air a video if someone died; imagining death while climbing; his videos are only interesting because his life is in danger; climbing barefoot; does he desire to keep upping the ante with his videos; the process of planning and climbing a structure; climbing the Eiffel Tower; were people doing this before video recording and the internet; more talk about the Eiffel Tower climb and getting caught; he was on the Eiffel Tower for eight hours; talk about getting caught; hiding the memory cards before getting caught; surrendering his cameras and phone; he pissed off the Eiffel Tower; getting detained for eight hours after getting caught; he had to sign an agreement saying he wouldn’t climb the Eiffel Tower for three years; Europeans are more relaxed; getting caught on a crane in California; he’s never gotten in trouble after getting caught; does he think he’s encouraging others to climb things; who was the first guy to climb something and film it; he was climbing stuff before he started filming it; a parkour guy fell off something and died; more talk about his plans for the future; Russian teen fell nine floors to his death; he bought a BMW with YouTube money; James and Joe talk about BMW M3 and M4 cars; Elon Musk and Tesla cars; more car talk; James wants to go to Hong Kong; high rise Hong Kong (crazy selfie) video; crackhead backflip off 40-foot roof video; jumping from high up; exercising and practicing; what he’s going to be releasing soon; he has a book coming out.

My Thoughts: A lot of this episode is them talking about and commenting on videos that they’re watching. This podcast is likely one that’s best experienced in video form rather than audio.

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