The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 848 with Bryan Callen

Episode Number: 848
Episode Guest: Bryan Callen
Original Airdate: September 20, 2016
Episode Sponsors: MeUndies, Blue Apron, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts The Fighter and the Kid podcast.

Topics Discussed: Bryan talks about being close to the recent New York bombing and his experiences with other bombings/explosions; Thinking Fast and Slow, Blink, The Art of Learning books; Bryan did stand-up after the bomb went off; other people around the world experience bombings daily; the world is actually safer; bombings are a wake-up call; people were nice after 9/11; Matt LeBlanc Was Disgusting on the Emmy’s Red Carpet article; fake news websites; people are too sensitive; Cosmopolitan magazine objectification hypocrisy; Michael Richards Laugh Factory incident; recreational outrage; saying something is “the worst”; what motivates people to do good or bad; ideologies; raw milk; camels; animals and hunting in Australia and New Zealand; wolves and wolf attacks; wild horses in North America; buffalo in North America; organ meat; hanging/dry aging meatHow Wolves Change Rivers video; deer head exploding video; shooting a crossbow; eating meat today and how we are removed from the death of the animal; trusting the companies producing our food and beverages; walking on hot coals; talk about Michael Shermer; flat earth conspiracy; conspiracy theorists; people think satellites don’t exist; people want to be part of a group; modern art; Jackson Pollock; Mandelbrot set and crop circle; talk about the World Trade Center buildings collapsing; capitalizing on a tragedy like 9/11; 9/11 conspiracy talk; talk about America, Iraq, and oil; wars throughout history; competition and fighting; talk about upcoming stand-up and live shows; people are too soft because life is too easy; overcoming adversity; exercising; talk about Canada and Canadians; drugs in Canada; talk about coca and cocoa; talk about marijuana; drinking and the drinking age; Vladimir Putin talk; Robert Gates; Donald Trump and Mike Pence talk; does Trump really want to be president; how much the president makes; what makes someone smart; talk about Trump’s money and success; problems with Hillary Clinton; Jill Stein; voting at 16 years of age; Sam Harris talk; the internet invading our lives; germ theory; climate change; how the human body is like the universe; infinity and the universe; Issac Newton; mastering something; The Art of Learning book; improving civilization; people want to be on a team; more Trump talk; talk about Obama’s presidency; can Obama exonerate Edward Snowden; surveillance; Eisenhower warning of the military industrial complex; people want power; Hillary’s email server admin was asking for advice on Reddit about deleting emails; Bruce Jenner killed someone; saying midget or dwarf; there are too many labels; talk about going on another hunting trip.

My Thoughts: Bryan briefly talks about being in New York during the most recent bombing there. Then the conversation turns towards, wolves/animals, hunting, meat, conspiracy theories, and politics.

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