The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 847 with Dan Carlin

Episode Number: 847
Episode Guest: Dan Carlin
Original Airdate: September 15, 2016
Episode Sponsors: LegalZoom, DraftKings, Ting, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Dan Carlin is an amateur historian and former radio talk show host. He now hosts two popular podcasts–Common Sense and Hardcore History–available on iTunes or through his website.

Topics Discussed: Talk about his podcasts and the differences between the two; how Hardcore History and podcasting in general has evolved; living in Oregon; going home to where you grew up; how Los Angeles changes over the years; Joe lived in Colorado for just four months; the altitude of Colorado; Jerry’s Deli; the United States isn’t that old; slavery wasn’t that long ago; racism; blockbusting; immigration in America; immigrants who became boxers; Dan tried boxing; boxing in the Olympics; weird Olympic sports; poverty in Brazil; City of God movie; Compton; Compton cowboys; public land and parks in America; Bundy standoff; logging and deforestation; types of trees and wood; hempcrete; hemp talk, again; legalization of marijuana and the division between states and the federal government; pharma companies fighting marijuana legalization in Arizona; the people of America aren’t represented; voting online without representation; it would be amazing if an asteroid blew up the Pentagon and the White House; problems with the government; the CIA and the NSA; Dick Cheney; fixing the government and the US’s relationships with other countries; how do you get people to not hate America; North Korea; more Dick Cheney talk; classified things that shouldn’t be secret and things kept from the American people; leaks and Russian hackers; WikiLeaks Guccifer 2.0 leaks about donors and favors; talk about the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation; the Clintons and drug smuggling; Barry Seal; the Clintons in the ’80s; the two-party system is corrupt; redesigning the system; the Patriot Act; American Coup book; stopping corruption in the system; declaring war; if president, Donald Trump can drop a nuclear bomb; Hillary Clinton is lying about her emails; Obama and drones; Obama and whistleblowers; why don’t presidents keep their promises; more Trump talk; the job of the president is actually two jobs in Europe; more Hillary and Donald talk; Joe Biden and plagarism; does Trump even want to be president; Republic Lost book; Trump is an old man and Hillary is an old lady; news reporting on the candidates ignores anyone who isn’t a democrat or republican; Hillary Clinton fainting at 9/11 ceremony; Joe thinks 1 out of 100 people are a fucking idiot; Trump says he doesn’t know anything about the KKK; the US can detain you indefinitely; people find like-minded groups online; people who are excited about Hillary just want to see a female president; Hillary keeping things from the public encourages leaks; more talk about Russian leaks; Colin Powell confirms email leaks are accurate; fighter pilots and swingers/wife swapping; talk about the Clinton Foundation and whether it does good work; more talk about the hacks; we have a corruption problem; the news cycle; WikiLeaks and Julian Assange; supporting the troops; Gulf of Tonkin; John F. Kennedy assassination talk; Operation Northwoods; JFK assassination conspiracy theory talk; Lee Harvey Oswald tried to shoot General Walker; Oswald’s scope; JFK movie; why Dan thinks Oswald acted alone; Best Evidence book; more JFK assassination conspiracy talk; talk about the magic bullet theory; finding the logical reason for something rather than believing a conspiracy theory; Dick Cheney wanted to dress Navy SEALS up as Iranians and shoot them.

My Thoughts: Mostly a conversation about Clinton, Trump, and politics. Not enough talk about the JFK assassination. Very little about the historical topics that Carlin is known for talking about.

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