The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 846 with Michael Shermer

Episode Number: 846
Episode Guest: Michael Shermer
Original Airdate: September 14, 2016
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Guest Bio: Michael Shermer is a science writer, historian of science, founder of The Skeptics Society, and Editor in Chief of its magazine Skeptic, which is largely devoted to investigating pseudoscientific and supernatural claims.

Topics Discussed: Flat earth believers and conspiracy theory; Alfred Russel Wallace; Deepak Chopra talk; consciousness; free will and making choices; Charles Whitman; the brains of serial killers; Donta Page; more consciousness and free will talk; talk about The Chopra Center and meditation; the brain, Alzheimer’s, and aging; importance of relaxing; isolation tanks; reflection; Eckhart Tolle; the present/now; rich people have problems too; you get used to your life regardless of wealth; Tony Robbins and self-help books; people want to be motivated; Chris Bell talk; it takes 60 days to develop a habit; Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru documentary; Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and why it can work for some people; Joe talks about Greg Fitzsimmons’ sobriety; alcoholism talk; AA and religion; Tony Robbins coal walk burned people’s feet; how fire/coal walking works; Michael walking across hot coals video; talk about CrossFit; Nautilus exercise machines; CrossFit is like a replacement for religion; Bowling Alone book; aging and quality of life; people love to sleep but are afraid to die; consciousness; Joe thinks people make the universe the same way bees make honey; Elon Musk and artificial intelligence; Elon Musk and neural lace; Joe explains “cuck” to Michael; “cuckservative“; What the F book; how much data the internet generates per minute; talk about death and consciousness; no one knows what happens after death; The Demon-Haunted World book; talk about religion and the bible; The Life of Brian movie; it’s hard to appreciate old movies/comedy etc.; men used to beat women in movies and TV; Christine Sixteen song by Kiss; moral progress; men slapping women compilation; Sean Connery talks to Barbara Walters about slapping women; football players beating women; we are a product of our environment; The Civilizing Process book; fight or flight responses and reward systems; football players and concussions; evolution of the offensive lineman size; Spitting in the Soup book; talk about doping in sports and bodybuilding; difficulty of cycling; more talk about sports and performance enhancing drugs; Joe talks about the UFC and Jeff Novitzky; Joe talks about PEDs/drug testing in the UFC and guys who have tested positive; Russians hacked the WADA database; ADHD talk; talk about school and the education system; not everyone should go to college; ITT Tech closing and student debt strike; the cost of an education; University of Missouri professor who asked for muscle to remove student protesters; Texas state representative identifies as pansexual; stereotypes; recreational outrage and people being easily offended; Halloween costume controversy at Yale; people choosing gender teams; mattress girl talk; Rolling Stone article “A Rape on Campus“; talk about rape; some women like rough sex; people are weird and are into strange things; video of millionaire’s ex-fiance beating herself; more talk about sex and consent; Joe’s friend had a union no-show job; blackface; Ted Danson in blackface; Charlie Chan was a white guy; The 50 Year Mission book; Star Trek; Star Trek Captain Kirk vs. lizard fight scene video; Joe talks about Stranger Things; Joe talks about Dustin “Screech” Diamond from Saved by the Bell; Michael talks about pitching a show; celebrity boxing matches; Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan talk; Nancy Kerrigan attack video; inaccuracies in The Revenant book.

My Thoughts: Kind of a bore with the same stuff you’ve heard him talk about before. Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, beating women, rape allegations, and recreational outrage.

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