The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 844 with Andreas Antonopoulos

Episode Number: 844
Episode Guest: Andreas Antonopoulos
Original Airdate: September 7, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Acorns, Loot Crate, DraftKings, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Andreas Antonopoulos is a bitcoin entrepreneur, he also serves on the advisory boards of several bitcoin startups and serves as the Chief Security Officer of Blockchain. He is also the author of The Internet of Money, available on Amazon.

Topics Discussed: His new book The Internet of Money; the banks are getting interested in Blockchain; the fluctuating value of bitcoin; Brazil’s economic problems; Britian’s economic problems after Brexit; Andreas explains bitcoin again for new listeners; the bitcoin community is generous; why banks are slow to transfer money; bitcoin fraud and theft; Mt. Gox; D.B. Cooper; Bernie Madoff; don’t let other people hold your money; pyramid schemes and recessions; doing a “controlled burn” of the economy; The Federal Reserve; the interest rate controls the cost of money; Joe talks about a guy he knew who would buy things using gold/silver coins; why people want to have physical coins or precious metals; backing up your bitcoin wallet with a series of words; the banking system is fragile; financial crime oftentimes isn’t prosecuted in the United States; bitcoin is global money; people are scared of changing our money; how long until bitcoin is accepted; what makes him optimistic about bitcoin; no online content is free because you’re paying with your personal information; selling content directly to the viewer; Joe argues people don’t want to pay fractions of a cent to watch a video; difference between Blockchain and bitcoin; using bitcoin to pay to comment online; Andreas talks about arguing with someone about chemtrails; more chemtrail talk; talk about a hedge fund that offers unbelievable returns; speculative investments; algorithmic trading; Andreas is excited about OpenBazaar and DuoSearch; talk about cell phones; the laptop market is disappearing; it’s getting easier to use bitcoin now; Andreas shows off his bitcoin debit card; Andreas’ credit card gets blocked because he travels too much, but the bitcoin debit card works everywhere; Andreas recommends Coinbase, BitPay, Xapo for bitcoin wallets; banks and infrastructure inversion; banks are creating their own cryptocurrencies; there are over 1,000 cryptocurrencies; difference between an intranet and the internet; Bitcoin is the internet of money; cashless societies; Kenya and M-Pesa; we pay people through corporations; why are traditional banks resisting bitcoin; Andreas thinks 2-4 million people are using bitcoin; what needs to happen for widespread adoption of bitcoin; what improvements could be made to make bitcoin better; having your bitcoin wallet robbed; Andreas shows Joe his bitcoin hardware wallet; talk about bitcoin security; bitcoin duress passwords; old cellphone technology; bitcoin tech is constantly evolving; The Today Show video clip from 1994 where they discuss what the internet is; Andreas thinks self-driving cars and bitcion will become the norm in the future; government and corporation control is shrinking; all technology is ridiculed at first.

My Thoughts: Talk about bitcoin, technology, and chemtrails.

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