The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 842 with Chris Kresser

Episode Number: 842
Episode Guest: Chris Kresser
Original Airdate: September 5, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Dollar Shave Club,, Onnit, Squarespace, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Chris Kresser is a health detective specializing in investigative medicine, blogger, podcaster, teacher and a Paleo diet and lifestyle enthusiast.

Topics Discussed: The word”Paleo” and what the real Paleo/caveman diet was; eating organ meats; we’re taking too many medications; the pharmaceutical industry; high cholesterol; problems with doctors and the medical system; the US and New Zealand are the only two countries where pharmaceutical advertising is allowed; talk about how food is engineered to manipulate us; bad food is all around us and unavoidable; gut bacteria and how it affects our food choices and desires; gut inflammation and depression; leaky gut syndrome; how inflammation is caused by sugars/carbohydrates; recovering lost knowledge and ancient knowledge; talk about medical research and how it’s funded by big pharma and is subject to lies and corruption; problems with peer-reviewed studies; problems with vegetarian and vegan diets; how a vegetarian/vegan can eat healthy and what they should eat; vegans should take micro algae and vitamin B12; Chris got sick in his 20s and it took 10 years to get better; why he added animal products back into his diet; mollusks; plants that react with awareness; all food production results in the death of animals; the food system needs to change; pasture-raised animals; Dead Doctors Don’t Lie book; more talk about shellfish; talk about eating organs; more talk about vitamins and nutrients from animal meat; more organ meat talk; mollusks vs. organ meat; Radiolab “From Tree to Shining Tree” podcast episode; more mollusk talk; are we part of the food system or separate from it; bodies don’t all respond the same way to the same food choices; sedentary lifestyles; negative aspects of consuming fish oil vs. eating fish; Chris recommends cod liver oil; how oil can be harmful to the body; the vegan myth about saturated fats and cholesterol; the difference between bad cholesterol and good cholesterol; lose weight to normalize your cholesterol; more cholesterol talk; the problem with medication education and research; Chris suggests people eat real food and explore functional medicine; Joe talks about how good he feels; how gut bacteria affects your personality; people get used to not feeling good.

My Thoughts: A dull podcast about food, diet, vitamins, cholesterol, etc. This is one of those podcasts that interests Joe and probably a fraction of his listeners.

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