The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 840 with Donald Cerrone

Episode Number: 840
Episode Guest: Donald Cerrone
Original Airdate: August 30, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Loot Crate, DraftKings, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is a professional mixed martial artist and former professional kickboxer who is currently competing in the UFC’s welterweight and lightweight divisions.

Topics Discussed: Donald tells Joe about scuba diving; sharks; spear fishing; Donald wants to dive to 500 feet; treasure hunting underwater; pirates; professional treasure hunting; octopuses; mummified man found on missing boat; Donald fighting at 170 lbs. (welterweight); Donald loves fighting more than anything; Donald got his ass kicked a lot in high school; he talks about starting kickboxing; he doesn’t spar at all anymore; Donald Cerrone sparring Joe Schilling; Donald talks about drilling and training for a fight; Donald thought something was wrong with his brain but it was just an infection in his nose; Donald uses Onnit Total Primate Care and feels great; Donald doesn’t eat candy anymore; Donald takes Onnit Total Gut Health and Onnit Total Strength + Performance supplements; taking Onnit Alpha Brain and Onnit New Mood when hungover; Joe and Donald are going to smoke DMT together; ayahuasca compared to DMT; Joe explains DMT to Donald; cutting weight; Wheeler Walker, Jr.’s “Redneck Shit” album; they watch the “Eatin’ Pussy, Suckin’ Dick, Kickin’ Ass” video from The Ben Show; the UFC should eliminate weight cutting; Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz rematch; the UFC should only make big fights; UFC 200 compared to UFC 202; talk about female UFC fighters; Donald got in trouble for saying “fag”; the UFC and Donald’s sponsors should let him be himself; Donald signed a new contract with the UFC; Joe wants to be Cowboy’s manager; Budweiser doesn’t let Donald say certain things; GIF of Donald’s final combination against Rick Story; how he feels fighting at 170 compared to 155; Donald uses chewing tobacco and gives Joe some to try; Nate Diaz using a vape pen with CBD oil after UFC 202; (Joe is drinking beer, smoking weed, and using chewing tobacco); (Joe swallowed his chewing tobacco); Joe talks about the benefits he feels from smoking marijuana; Under Armour cuts ties with wife of hunter who killed a bear with a spear; Joe’s last meal if he was on death row would be elk meat with jalapenos; Donald just got his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt; BJJ with a gi compared to no gi; Donald tells a story about a bar fight with a judo guy; Judo MMA fighters; is Ronda Rousey coming back to MMA; Cowboy’s wrestling; Donald was sick before his last fight; Joe says Donald should be working with a mental coach; mental issues that men have; Donald is going to be in the Godless Netflix series; Joe is obsessed with guys who make knives and swords; Joe talks about doing DMT with Doug Stanhope; Kundalini yoga; holotropic breathwork; near-death experiences and DMT; life is as weird as DMT; BJ Penn thinks the world is flat; flat earth talk; Reptilians; recent SETI signal received from space; Contact movie; Joe explains infinity to Donald; “eatin’ pussy, suckin’ dick, kickin’ ass” Wheeler Walker, Jr. tattoo; Wheeler Walker, Jr. is actually Ben Hoffman; Florida Georgia Line; Donald explains Riff Raff to Joe; sagging pants; Fleece Johnson the “Booty Warrior” from the Lockup TV show video; Joe talks about CM Punk fighting in the UFC; people who are straight edge; vegan athletes; talk about vegans and being vegan; Steve Rinella ate a monkey; Donald would eat monkey brains; eating ass; more talk about eating animals; fighting an animal; Donald talks about catching rattlesnakes; Donald’s dog got bit by a snake; Donald almost got bit by a snake, so he shot it; more talk about the SETI signal received from space; there should be a “none of the above” option when voting for the president; Joe rants about the two-party political system; (Joe eats more chewing tobacco); who would Donald be in an alternate reality; self-sabotage; Donald talks about meeting Suge Knight’s brother; Donald tells a story about being held at gunpoint by park rangers; talk about cops and dealing with them; Chris Brown’s house was surrounded by cops and there was a police standoff; (Joe swallows more chewing tobacco); more talk about cops and their mentality; cave scuba diving; people who aren’t fighters talking shit about fighters; Donald talks about his worst loss to Rafael dos Anjos; Matt Brown; Joe Schilling; losers talking shit online; Ben Henderson; talk about MMA scoring; foie gras talk; pigs and bacon; hunting pigs; charismatic megafauna; no one cares if you kill a pig/boar; warthogs; duck penises and duck sex; killing a turkey with a bow and arrow; lamb; jalapenos; Joe talks about meat he’s hunted; what do humans taste like; animals taste like what they eat; bears taste like blueberries if they eat them; bears eat other bears; more talk about animals; mountain lions; Donald talks about a mountain lion living in his tree fort; Donald saw a bear chase a kid on a mountain bike; bear talk; Joe tells the story about a bear attacking tents while hunting; more bear talk; more talk about that guy who killed a bear with a spear; spear hunting; people should be properly trained before hunting; Donald carries a gun everywhere; road rage; mutual combat laws; Phoenix Jones mutual combat fight video; Russian knight fights; IMCF five-on-five knight fight video; 21 vs. 21 knight fight video; Joe thinks if we can one day regrow limbs, there will be fighting with weapons; alligator and alligator hunting talk; eating gator; gator on Florida golf course video.

My Thoughts: Cowboy is always a fun guest. Lots of DMT and fighting talk. Lots of animal, meat, and hunting talk. Gets ridiculous at times, likely due to the beer, weed, and chewing tobacco.

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