The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 838 with Josh Zepps

Episode Number: 838
Episode Guest: Josh Zepps
Original Airdate: August 23, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Casper, Acorns, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Josh Zepps is the host of #WeThePeople LIVE available on iTunes and at

Topics Discussed: Joe did a drunk #WeThePeople LIVE podcast with Josh, Hannibal Buress, and Sam Harris; Amy Schumer, Kurt Metzger, and rape culture; talk about falsely accusing someone of rape and being accused falsely of rape; the Stanford rape case; mind reading and mind control; judging Indian murder case with fMRI; scientists discover how to implant false memories; HTC Vive and virtual reality; augmented reality and Pokemon Go; Joe talks about VR porn and other VR apps/games he’s tried; whales and dolphins; drones; windowless planes that show the outside; Malaysia Airlines flight 17; what it’s like to be in a plane crash; will VR connect us more or less; people who seek community online; talk about phone addiction; abandoning modern cell phones for a flip phone or landline telephone; being bored and moments without technology; Joe is never satisfied; talk about doing a podcast and conversing with a guest; polymath; how much Joe is distracted by his phone; Joe was in the desert hunting and was disconnected from technology; social media addiction; Hannibal stole all Joe’s Alpha Brain; why Louis CK hates cell phones; Louis CK talk; Louis CK’s Horace and Pete show; creating a sitcom; Louis CK isn’t broke from Horace and Pete; people want celebrities to fail; Josh saw a burned up Volkswagen Beetle on the side of the road; Josh talks about his parents driving a Jaguar that caught on fire; talk about old Jaguar cars; Jaguar Mark 2; restoring and modifying old cars (restomods); Joe talks about his cars; Josh is trying to have a baby via IVF and had to donate sperm; why Josh stopped doing HuffPost Live; talk about AOL owning The Huffington Post; 20 million people still pay for AOL dial-up internet; why Arianna Huffington left The Huffington Post; Arianna Huffington’s The Sleep Revolution book; talk about sleeping and staying awake during the night; Joe says the world feels different when there are no cell phone or WiFi signals around; talk about camping; bees and cell phone signals; whales and sonar; connecting with nature; The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains book; Joe talks about merging with technology; Josh is addicted to podcasts; more technology and artificial intelligence talk; Ex Machina movie; talk about thoughts, ideas, intelligence, imagination, and technology; are we living in a simulation; Josh talks about his experiences with mushrooms and ayahuasca; more talk about psychedelics, negative thinking, and consciousness; talk about religion and its links to psychedelics; more drug talk; Penn Jillette’s thoughts on drugs; Terence McKenna talk; humans are a connected super-organism; DMT talk; Anthony Robbins; being fulfilled with your work; really good comics don’t teach comedy; old comedy oftentimes doesn’t hold up; Joe talks about his friend doing Sam Kinison bits for him; Sam Kinison talk; Roseanne Barr; Roseanne for President documentary; talk about being a famous celebrity; picking your nose and farting on a plane; stem cells; Joe talks about his experiences with stem cell treatment; Salon article “The ballad of ‘Swim Shady’: Ryan Lochte’s Rio fiasco is more proof that male athletes are a protected class”; “Michael Phelps Shares Historic Night with African-American Woman” article; Ellen DeGeneres’ “racist” tweet about Usain Bolt; recreational outrage; cultural appropriation and white people with braids; more talk about Kurt Metzger and Amy Schumer; social media witch hunts; Saatchi & Saatchi ad agency chairman fired for comments on gender equality in the workplace; social media is a waste of time; English sports commentator fired for saying the “N word”; more Kurt Metzger talk.

My Thoughts: The first half of the podcast is mostly talk about technology and how it impacts and affects our lives. The second half of the podcast has a lot of drug talk and social justice warrior/recreational outrage talk.

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