The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 837 with Gad Saad

Episode Number: 837
Episode Guest: Gad Saad
Original Airdate: August 23, 2016
Episode Sponsors: ZipRecruiter, DraftKings, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing and Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption. He is also the author of The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption and The Consuming Instinct.

Topics Discussed: Gad’s tan; vitamin D; young single white women are the ones who suntan; women and eating disorders; why women have morning sickness while pregnant; proximate and ultimate explanations; Hippocrates; why men prefer the hourglass figure of a woman; congenitally blind men prefer hourglass figures; men don’t feel victimized by unrealistic body images; Munchausen syndrome; it’s easier for men to change their bodies; The Beauty Myth book; the myth of healthy obesity; Gad got fat after he stopped playing sports; people who smoke cigarettes are stupid; Joe questions Gad about being fat; Joe tells Gad about The Primal Blueprint ketogenic diet; Joe talks about exercising; That Sugar Film movie; the caveman/paleo diet; evolutionary medicine; Joe talks about probiotics and gut health; allergies; Joe drinks alcohol despite knowing it can be bad for you; smoking cigarettes; Gad worries about his kids getting older; answering questions kids ask you and admitting you don’t know the answer; admitting when you’re wrong or made a mistake; Gad talks about how evolutionary psychologists conduct research; gender of children and the types of toys they choose; women don’t choose careers in technology; the myth that women make less than men for the same job; men being accused of sexual assault and rape; rape by fraud or deception; self-deception; more rape by deception talk; evolution and psychology; Gad getting his papers rejected; genetic preferences and evolutionary tendencies; problems with colleges/universities; getting interrupted while giving speeches; Gad complains about people who attack scientists; Michael Shermer sexual assault allegations; race and who men/women are attracted to; Gad being afraid to give a talk; physical differences between races; Justin Trudeau, immigration, and social justice warriors; people who are better at running; how Kenya produces the best runners; bullet ants; bullet ant rite of passage; Gad talks about shooting guns with an FBI agent; verbalizing what you’re doing; the body’s automatic response in performing tasks or playing sports; Joe tells Gad why he doesn’t spar anymore; sports and brain injuries; Conor McGregor and Cristiano Ronaldo; Joe talks about his weight, body, and age; Gad talks about exercising and problems with his body; Joe was told to stop doing martial arts because of his knee; stem cell research; reverse hyper bench machines for back problems; doing yoga for back problems; importance of strengthening the back; ergonomic chairs and standing desks; replacing knee ligaments with cadaver parts; Gad ruptured his Achilles tendon; people need to pay attention to their backs; Gad got recognized on the street because of his voice.

My Thoughts: I had to listen to this in about four different chunks and I don’t remember a whole lot about it. Seemed to cover the same stuff they usually talk about, so if you like his past appearances you’d likely enjoy this one.

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