The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 836 with Hannibal Buress

Episode Number: 836
Episode Guest: Hannibal Buress
Original Airdate: August 22, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, MVMT Watches,, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Hannibal Buress is a stand-up comedian, actor, television writer and host. Look for his Hannibal Montanabal tour all over the country this fall.

Topics Discussed: Name of his latest tour; Miley Cyrus; Dat Phan; Birdman movie; Kiss band; opening for a band; Joe opened for Bon Jovi; Hannibal opened for Chance the Rapper; Kevin Hart; people trying to put you down; finding out someone’s motivation; Hannibal tells a story about a girl using him for a trip to Vegas; you can’t tell when girls orgasm; Hannibal bought an apartment building in Chicago to turn into a hotel; presidential speaking fees; theory that Trump really doesn’t want to win; Donald Trump talk; Trump asks black voters “what do you have to lose?” video; life is too easy now so we’re outraged more easily; saying “retarded”; baseball video games; Hannibal explains Postmates to Joe; Joe isn’t opposed to Trump winning; the two-party system; political parties in the Netherlands; Obama talk; Hannibal’s real estate investments; being on a shitty TV show; Hannibal’s failed Comedy Central TV show; online shows are better than TV shows; YouTube and video streaming sites; Google loses money on YouTube; Hannibal going to Israel to do a gig and the shit he received about it; you can’t show people your true self; Hannibal talks about meeting a waitress in Vegas; Hannibal will ask girls who DM him if they’re “trying to get the pipe“; Hannibal tells a story about having sex with a girl with in Georgia; why people are attracted to others; people trying to enter a conversation you’re having; Hannibal tells a story about someone trying to take his picture while he was eating wings; investments, stocks, and mutual funds; Hannibal invests in Catapult Sports; virtual reality sports; talk about the UFC 2 video game; Joe Rogan vs. Nick Diaz video; Joe wants to see Nick Diaz vs. Conor McGregor; McGregor’s flowy walk inside the Octagon at UFC 202; Diaz vs. McGregor fight talk; Ronda Rousey talk; Donald Cerrone vs. Rick Story talk; Anthony “Rumble” Johnson vs. Glover Teixeira talk; Anthony Johnson vs. Daniel Cormier talk; limitations of the body; Ilir Latifi; Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt; talk about CM Punk coming to the UFC; Joe talks about why he chose to continue commentating UFC fights; Nate Diaz vaping CBD oil after UFC 202; saying “hella”; Hannibal talks again about the waitress he met in Vegas; Joe talks about hunting in the Nevada desert; hypnotism talk; music that Hannibal hates; an Uber driver was playing his own music in his car; songs you can listen to over and over; scenes in movies/TV you can watch repeatedly; (Joe goes to the bathroom and Hannibal talks by himself); Hannibal’s tour; Instagram Stories; Pokemon Go; talk about women and men; pool player groupies; talk about The Comedy Store and the Roast Battle TV show; comedy in a small club; talk about jokes; Ryan Lochte losing his sponsorships; swimming talk; the porn section in video stores; (Hannibal goes to the bathroom); curling talk; slavery wasn’t that long ago; talk about touring Canada; Hannibal got big in Canada before the US; Underground Comedy Club in Toronto; Hannibal talks about weed; eating vs. smoking weed; Hannibal talks about women again; Hannibal wants kids; Hannibal saw a pregnant women and daydreamed he was with her.

My Thoughts: Joe and Hannibal were drinking. Talk of comedy, women, real estate, and fighting–with a little bit of politics, of course.

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