The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 833 with Brian Redban

Episode Number: 833
Episode Guest: Brian Redban
Original Airdate: August 11, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Acorns,, Loot Crate, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Check out his newest podcast called What Brian Redban Do at and on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Their birthdays; people dying; Bert Kreischer’s thoughts on death; Hillary Clinton fainted and hit her head; Hillary becoming president; Blade movie; the guy who climbed Trump Tower; Washington, DC; people stealing cell phones; people who want to run the government; John F. Kennedy; Obama; decaying former Olympic sites; Olympics; Michael Phelps; sports with only one famous athlete; pool water and salt water; Mark Spitz; cupping; Phelps’ training routine; Phelps’ death stare; DEA won’t reclassify marijuana; cannabinoids; speed of the news cycle; science fiction poorly predicts the future; are phone numbers important; keeping your phone muted; more talk about medicinal benefits of marijuana and its drug classification; alcohol vs. marijuana; Julianna Pena says Ronda Rousey has fat arms; fat shaming; Joe talks about hooking up with a weightlifter; a regular guy fighting a female MMA fighter; Cris Cyborg in the UFC; Cris Cyborg crying during weight cut; talk about MMA and weight classes/weight cutting; announcing someone as the new UFC champion; UFC title fights aren’t important; Super Six Boxing Classic; there should be an MMA tournament; MMA and throwing/fixed fights; Tim Donaghy and fixed basketball games; Personal Foul book; betting on sports; lotteries; gamblers can claim losses on their taxes; people who don’t pay taxes; comedians in Boston not paying taxes; comedians getting paid in cocaine; Joe talks about comedy in the ’80s; Brian talks about doing taxes as a comedian; writing things off; business lunches; Deliverance movie; Wolf movie; The Wolf Man movie; movie trailers; Suicide Squad movie; The Rock’s beef with Vin Diesel; Rotten Tomatoes; Metacritic; Selena Gomez; Michael Cera; Superbad movie; drawing dicks; Sausage Party movie; Ghostbusters remake; watching movies at home vs. the theater; No Country for Old Men movie; Inside Out movie; A Million Ways to Die in the West movie; Seth McFarlane; Chuck Lorre; Taylor Negron; time is passing quicker; the universe is accelerating; the cavemen era wasn’t that long ago; Charlie Sheen; people taking drugs to sleep; food making you sleepy; soup; bacon with a nipple on it; Joe talks about bacon and pigs; cop shoots deer; Joe talks about people who live outside of America hunting in the United States; Quake Champions trailer; computers and graphics; Unreal video games; Shadow Complex video game; Inside video game; Joe talks about playing Duncan’s HTC Vive and VR archery; VR porn; Apple vs. Windows; Xbox and PlayStation VR; virtual reality and artificial reality movies; movie reviews; social media news feeds; video of the Dallas shooting; Call of Duty airport massacre video; Grand Theft Auto talk; Tipper Gore and the PMRC; some women are allergic to semen; circle jerks; Joey Diaz shit in the shower; Joey Diaz is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt now; Joey Diaz talk; Joe went to Anton LaVay‘s grandson’s wedding; Joey Diaz confronts Duncan Trussell about being a Satanist video; Duncan Trussell talk; No Man’s Sky video game; players found 10 million species in No Man’s Sky; the world is crazy; Hyperloop; deer-car collisions ranked by state; deer-car collisions; mountain lion gets in guy’s face video; Joe talks about mountain lions; Grizzly Man movie; two bears wrestling video; Pedro Sauer vs. Lance Bachelor video; wrestling and pro wrestling; ESPN launches WWE vertical; Bill Burr talking about football; doing things yourself on the internet; CGI facelifts in the Netflix Pee-Wee Herman movie; Joe tells a story about an old lady kissing Redban; The Shining old lady bathtub kissing scene video; Green Room movie.

My Thoughts: Old school-type podcast with Brian. Didn’t even mind that it was pushing four hours in length. Brian is tolerable now that he’s not on as frequently. Jamie chimes in often.

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