The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 831 with Byron Bowers

Episode Number: 831
Episode Guest: Byron Bowers
Original Airdate: August 9, 2016
Episode Sponsors:, Squarespace,, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Byron Bowers is a stand-up comedian who can be seen performing all over the country including The Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA.

Topics Discussed: Byron travelling; third-world countries; TSA corruption; what he was doing in the Dominican Republic; sea life; underwater HTC Vive game; the body is 50-60% water; wearing cologne; Byron chooses cologne based on whether he gets a boner from smelling it; car engines and exhausts; car talk; car stereos; the key for Joe’s Lexus is a card he keeps in his wallet; underappreciated cars; learning about cars; driving in California; guns being pulled out at parties; lynching of black people in the past; Byron growing up as a black kid in the South; light skin and dark skin black people; feminism and male feminists; virtue signalling; Cosmo magazine hypocrisy about objectification; leaving a black community; judging people by their character; Armenians and masculinity; Namibia; Malaria shots; Africans don’t like black people calling themselves African American; Native Americans; Joe talks about horses in North America; Native Americans killed each other and were cannibals; white girls and black guys; black guys killed by cops; cops are on edge; black guys don’t want to get involved with the cops; Byron knows guys who have killed people; shootings in war compared to shootings in America; universal basic income; survival mode; people who think war was the best time of their life; living out of your car; colleges/universities and left-wing thinking; Byron talks about stealing books in college; Napster; Byron would burn CDs from MP3s and sell them; Byron sold crack; Byron does drugs to see what they’re like; money and power; Byron talks about selling crack; crack affects black neighborhoods; watching other people make mistakes; snuff and chewing tobacco; benefits of nicotine; cancer from chewing tobacco; making money doing stand-up comedy; agents and managers; finding good people who make you feel like part of a family; Byron talks about starting at The Comedy Store; growing as a comedian; following a strong comedian; doing bits about black guys getting killed by cops and #blacklivesmatter; getting better at comedy as you get older; girls like smart, rich guys; Elon Musk; Warren Buffett; barbecuing at 5 AM; cockfighting; dog fighting; moving forward in life; we’re fueled by things we create; people want to recreate movie scenarios in real life; different styles of fucking; Byron put a leash on a girl; rough sex; girls lying about being raped; Canadian court dress; Quaker oats; Byron talks about his grandmother; The Help movie; cotton gin; the past sucked; Byron talks about growing up and eating food he farmed and hunted; Joe’s gardener bought a goat and killed it to eat it; hanging jeans in the sun to kill bacteria; second-hand cigarette smoke and stinky clothes; fixing up old cars with modern frames and suspension; Dodge Viper ACR; driving talk; BMW 2002; more car talk; talk about police; talk about his racial comedy; black lives matter shutting down highways; Hillary Clinton laughing about Gaddafi video; brutal dictators; more Hillary Clinton talk; labor camps in North Korea.

My Thoughts: Lots of car talk. Talk about comedy. I tuned out whenever they would talk about cars. Not the most engaging podcast. My mind was wandering a lot while listening. These guys don’t seem to know each other very well or have much of a rapport with one another.

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