The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 828 with Duncan Trussell

Episode Number: 828
Episode Guest: Duncan Trussell
Original Airdate: August 1, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, MVMT Watches, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian and host of his own podcast The Duncan Trussell Family Hour.

Topics Discussed: Using finger gun gestures after a mass shooting; Apple water pistol emoji; Apple gender diverse emojis; emojis are hieroglyphs; communicating with emoji, animated GIFs, and memes; when you nut and she keeps sucking meme; Indian politician dies during press conference; sharing memes without giving credit; origin of words; Tower of Babel; replacing words in the bible; the bible and simulation theory; trees and fungus share nutrients and food; plant intelligence; gut bacteria; discovery of bacteria; Ignaz Semmelweis discovering link between performing autopsies, hand-washing, and delivering babies; is it okay to have sex with a hologram; virtual reality talk; Ex Machina movie; reality and intelligence; everything has consciousness; eating meat vs. eating vegetables; humans are in the digestive organs of the universe; more talk about what we eat; Moby Dick audiobook; we eat octopus and they are super smart; an ocotopus can fit through a keyhole video; The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book; more talk about plant intelligence; reincarnation; Joe talks about DMT; letting the ego die; love; rooting for teams; whales and dolphins are just as smart as us; more Moby Dick talk; we don’t know what’s in the ocean; A Short History of Nearly Everything book; woman crushes cans with her tits video; crushing a beer can with your dick; how many guys have 14-inch dicks; guy who gets hassled by the TSA because of his big dick; celebrities with big dicks; talk about Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and Bernie Sanders; talk about political corruption; technology is shining a light on corruption; how much money politicians make; the Clintons have made $153 million from speaking; Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch; more talk about Hillary Clinton and her money; politicians are being exposed through technology; universal basic income; talk about where our tax money goes; making our coolest, smartest people president; Hillary Clinton getting paid by the banks; Bohemian Grove; America is still badass; how do you have a democracy with crazy people; problems with democracy; foods with probiotics make Joe feel happier; Christopher Columbus sailing to America; drug money funds terrorism commercial; fake viral videos; bear chases a guy around his house video; bear gets locked in a Subaru video; Texas hot air balloon crash; man skydives with no parachute; Cyborg Santos’ crushed skull from flying knee; will UFC fighters get so good that crushed skulls become common; talk about the evolution of MMA fighters; Matt Brown vs. Jake Ellenberger; Christopher Hitchens debates Mos Def; Saddam Hussein’s sons; people who are broken with brains that are wired wrong; are you a different person if you’re starving; temporary insanity; free will; we’re not connected with the natural world anymore; it feels good to lay in the grass; nature is like a vitamin; is it fucked up to keep plants inside; the great outdoors; Duncan geeks out about VR again; Joe talks about his trip to Italy; pinecones and the pineal gland; St. Peter’s Basilica; Vatican City; Bearenstain Bears conspiracyCarpool Karaoke “Bohemian Rhapsody” song with George Clooney singing the wrong lyrics video; YouTube audiobook piracy problem; how will we digest information in a virtual world; Virtual Desktop for VR; Fantastic Contraption VR video game video; Duncan explains VR porn to Joe; playing Minecraft in VR; HTC Vive; Hover Junkers game; virtual reality archery; learning how to box in VR; virtual reality and isolation tanks; watching video in an isolation tanks; Timothy Leary; eight-circuit model of consciousness; Edgar Mitchell; getting an astronaut to talk about alien life; angels and aliens; Fermi paradox; merging with the universe and removing the body; virtual reality; isolation tanks; letting the elderly experience VR; anti-virtual reality people; VR for therapy; SoundSelf VR game; Occulus Rift vs. HTC Vive; Joe and Duncan got super high before the podcast; podcasting made them better friends.

My Thoughts: Typical Duncan podcast. Drugs, politics, the universe, dicks, plants, MMA, and lots of virtual reality talk. Four hours long.

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