The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 825 with Jeremy Stephens

Episode Number: 825
Episode Guest: Jeremy Stephens
Original Airdate: July 26, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Dollar Shave Club, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Jeremy Stephens is an MMA fighter currently fighting in the UFC’s featherweight division.

Topics Discussed: Talk about Jeff Novitzky and USADA; The Armstrong Lie documentary; blood doping and PEDs in MMA; why is Demetrious Johnson so good; movement talk; movement coaches; Naudi Aguilar; Robbie Lawler vs. Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson; MMA math; Holly Holm vs. Valentina Shevchenko; Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping; Dan Henderson vs. Hector Lombard; Rousimar Palhares is huge now; Dean Lister; John Danaher; talk about MMA rules that need to be changed, like knees to the head of a grounded opponent; Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos’ fractured skull from a knee by Michael “Venom” Page; point karate MMA fighters; Justin Scoggins; Joe talks about resigning with the UFC for another year of commentating fights; talk about Brock Lesnar testing positive for estrogen blockers; talk about a fighter’s union; Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor; the UFC once didn’t have a lightweight division; Jon Jones will lose out on up to $30,000,000 due to his positive drug test; Lance Armstrong never tested positive; pushing your limits; Cameron Hanes; ultra marathons; getting your heart broken; rapper shoots himself in the face for a music video; you can die from a starter pistol that shoots blanks; Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee death conspiracies; cops using excessive force; cop kicks motorcyclist video; cop shoots autistic man’s caretaker; motorcycle talk; talk about police officers; cops should have martial arts training; Lee Murray; Pat Miletich; Don Frye; head injuries; wrestling is fake but leads to real injuries; 50 wrestlers sue WWE over brain injury; The Resurrection of Jake the Snake documentary; fighters and brain damage; Concussion movie and football players; Jeremy’s start in fighting; Josh Neer; Josh Neer’s controversial gym fight; dojo/gym fights; mentally challenged man beaten to death in dojo video; UFC rankings and the problems with them; Max Holloway; guys with power; working on his movement; Yair Rodriguez; Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar rematch talk; his plans for the future; his diet and working with George Lockhart; his weight-cutting routine; doing cardio; strength and conditioning talk; monitoring his heart rate; sparring; The Alliance MMA gym; Ross Pearson; weighing in and facing off with his opponent; talk about Conor’s weight cut to 145 compared to fighting Nate Diaz at 170; talk about the UFC’s new early weigh-in system; rehydrating after cutting weight; hydrating orally vs. through IV; cardio and building an aerobic base; tabata interval training; running slowly for long distances; talk about the Diaz brothers; more training talk; Keith Weber’s cardio kettlebell DVDs; more running talk; having a mental advantage over cheaters using steroids; Dan Gable; decompressing the spine; alkaline water and diet; drinking water; distilled water; woman dies after water-drinking contest; cryotherapy; floating in isolation tanks; Onnit Total Gut Health; nootropics and dreams/lucid dreams; maintaining a healthy mind and life; Jeremy asks what Joe’s thoughts about God and life after death are; Joe talks about black holes and the universe; Joe talks about spending time in nature as a child; Keck Observatory; more talk about religion; talk about Jeremy’s future and fights he wants in the UFC; staying in shape and enjoying himself between fights.

My Thoughts: Worth listening to if you’re an MMA fan. If not, there’s not a whole lot here that would interest you.

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