The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 824 with Bryan Callen

Episode Number: 824
Episode Guest: Bryan Callen
Original Airdate: July 21, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, MeUndies, LegalZoom, OnnitCaveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub, he also hosts The Fighter and the Kid podcast.

Topics Discussed: Bryan talks about drinking wine in France; wine tastings; Joe saw a guy bring a velvet-lined briefcase of wine to a restaurant; Bryan keeps talking about wine; Robert Parker; Lance Armstrong; Formula 1 racing; Senna; car racing talk; things that look effortless; pushing yourself to do something difficult; becoming obsessed with something; Tony Robbins; addiction and the brain; sex and fetishes; serial killers; Hades: The Double Helix book; pornography talk; Joe talks about the history of the Colosseum; the Vatican; Bryan’s gay uncle lived in Rome; the Vatican owns Europe’s largest gay bath house; Martin Luther; the vomitorium; slaves built the Colosseum; talk about slave labor and human rights; capitalism; society is getting better; is a Utopian society possible; power and influence; is Donald Trump a sociopath; talk about Trump and what a piece of shit he is; the two-party system; Hillary Clinton; Clinton email server lies video; Hillary Clinton email server controversy; more Hillary talk; Melissa McCarthy losing weight; fat people proud of being fat and thinking being fat is healthy; Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It book; no diet is right for everyone; more talk about fat people; Wernher von Braun; Jewish scientists; Fritz Haber; Radiolab “The Bad Show” episode; more talk about Fritz Haber; war crimes; Dresden before and after the World War II bombing; creating better people; dealing with threats; charismatic leaders and wanting to be part of a team; Italy’s response to recent European terrorist attacks; French woman and her three daughters stabbed at a resort; talk about ISIS; talk about guns; the issue is mental health; your upbringing affects you as an adult; The Secret of Our Success book; borrowing ideas from other cultures; the US wants to control resources; there wasn’t as much terrorist activity in the past; the Middle East is clinging to ideas and ways of the past rather than evolving; Milo was banned from Twitter; Joe defends Milo; talk about freedom of speech; Leslie Jones’s racist Twitter history; talk about stereotyping types of people; Jewish people and cultural residue; Chinese intersections; small towns; people in big cities walk and talk faster than those in small cities; colleges turn small towns liberal; Boulder, Colorado is one of the fittest cities; knowing your environment; people are scared of water buffaloes; talk about lions and sharks; balance of nature and power; bringing in wolves to control the deer population; Beast of Dartmoor was actually pumas released into the wild; story of a mountain lion that rode an elk to kill it; ducks have three-foot long corkscrew dicks; talk about the evolution of women and sex; Genghis Khan altered the world’s carbon dioxide levels; finding the silver lining; Sparta; Athens; the US is a hotbed of artistic expression; Middle East countries are the townies of the world; Genghis Khan destroyed the Middle East; innovation and building a stronger society; guys in bubble suits attacked by bull video.

My Thoughts: A bit of talk about Joe’s trip to Italy before turning to politics and animals. Typical stuff. Nothing very funny and no talk about MMA or fighting. Joe defends his good friend Milo after he was banned from Twitter.

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