The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 823 with Eleanor Kerrigan (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 823
Episode Guest: Eleanor Kerrigan
Original Airdate: July 11, 2016
Episode Sponsors: MVMT Watches,, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Eleanor Kerrigan is a former waitress at The Comedy Store and is now a stand-up comedian performing all over the country.

Topics Discussed: Talk about the old days at The Comedy Store; Steve Schirripa; Uncle Steve’s pasta sauce; Richard Pryor talk; Eddie Alvarez’s win over Rafael dos Anjos; talk about recent UFC events and fights; Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt; guys with muscles; little kids with big muscles; extra-muscular dogs; kangaroos; kangaroo attacks reflection in a mirror video; Eddie Ifft was chased by a kangaroo; cows eat birds; dogs and cats kill/eat birds; cat talk; cow eating chicken video; men in inflatable balls bullfighting video; doing Fear Factor stunts; eating roaches; language police; punching people; Eleanor talks about her childhood and family; Amanda Nunes vs. Miesha Tate; Holly Holm; Raquel Pennington; talk about Jon Jones’ positive drug test; Redban talks about Rhino boner pills; Joe wants to test Brian’s boner pills; more boner pill talk; FDA on My Steel Woody; why take gas station boner pills instead of Viagra; Joe refuses to try Brian’s boner pills; Eleanor’s diet; Brian’s girlfriend took one of his boner pills by accident; “moose knuckle” term; moose talk; deer talk; old people saying politically incorrect things; Eleanor talks about her dad; typewriters; learning how to type; Mavis Beacon; Joe talks about a black guy on a TV talk show; popularity of the internet; Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson watched a couple have sex and check their phones; people who are addicted to their phones; Brian explains Pokemon Go; Pokemon Go is sending information to Google; girl finds dead body and people are being mugged playing Pokemon Go; augmented reality; more Pokemon Go talk; future of augmented reality; UFC is doing 4K video and trying virtual reality; virtual reality porn; Brian talks about VR porn; talk about the future of VR movies; is VR bad for your eyes; 4K TVs; OLED TVs; old computers; expensive Apple computers; Brian and Jamie explain current Apple computer technology to Joe; Eleanor’s dad and grandfather repaired typewriters; people who buy typewriters today for decoration; USB typewriter iPad dock; Woody Allen still uses a typewriter; Tom Hanks collects typewriters; Hunter S. Thompson didn’t know how to type; history of the typewriter; more typewriter talk; Joe saw someone make wool by hand; historical recreations and reenactments; Brian’s parents collected sewing machines; Joe’s grandma made clothes; sewing machine talk; Eleanor’s sister swallowed a pin while sewing; at what point in time would you travel back to if you could time travel; Back to the Future movies; people are wrong about their ideas of the future; invention of the car; we have no jetpacks or flying cars; Eleanor’s grandma was afraid of cars; the grandma of a friend of Joe’s remembers the cotton gin; Paul Mooney‘s mom was a slave; guys who think slavery wasn’t that bad; slavery wasn’t that long ago; close-minded people; it’s amazing people aren’t more racist; talk about racism in their families; more talk about Eleanor’s big family; Eleanor doesn’t want kids; more family talk; people have less kids now; kids used to be outside constantly; walking in New York; hiking; Eleanor saw someone get hit by a car; people don’t pay attention; walking in Los Angeles; cars in Los Angeles; more talk about Eleanor’s family; public transit in Los Angeles; Eleanor was approached by a pimp who was then arrested; resisting arrest; recruiting girls to make porno videos; pimping and prostitution talk; Snoop Dogg; pimp nails; Pimps Up, Ho’s Down documentary; Mr. Whitefolks; what’s wrong with prostitution; future of technology and sex; talk about the Radiolab podcast episode “9-Volt Nirvana”; transcranial direct-current stimulation; Joe wants to get a Doom video game LAN party going at the studio; Joe talks about his past playing Quake and the new Quake game; Joe explains LAN parties to Eleanor; more Pokemon and Pokemon Go talk; Nintendo stock is going up after the release of Pokemon Go; talk about monetizing Pokemon Go; Snapchat talk; Eleanor talks about her pro wrestling past in Women of Wrestling; The Forum; history of old venues; The Comedy Store needs historic designation; Ciro’s; more talk about the past of The Comedy Store; past comedy clubs in Los Angeles; more comedy club talk; talk about her upcoming shows.

My Thoughts: Good old school podcast with Joe, Brian, and a comedian. No hunting talk, no social justice warrior talk. Just a meandering conversation about a variety of topics.

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