The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 821 and July 7, 2016 Fight Companion Podcast with Joey Diaz

Episode Number: 821
Episode Guest: Joey Diaz
Original Airdate: July 7, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Loot Crate, DraftKingsOnnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Joe is joined by Joey “CoCo” Diaz to watch the fights on July 7, 2016. Joey is an actor and stand-up comedian and hosts his own podcast called The Church of What’s Happening Now, available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Topics Discussed: Rafael dos Anjos vs. Eddie Alvarez; Frank Mir; Fabricio Werdum; Stipe Miocic; Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem; strength and conditioning talk; Joe Duffy; Dustin Poirier; Max Holloway; Dennis Siver vs. Conor McGregor; Jon Anik’s 209 tattoo; Nate Diaz; Joe Duffy training at Tristar; Matt Hume; broken noses; Rory MacDonald’s nose; Joey and Joe’s nose problems; Jon Jones testing positive for banned substances; over-the-counter supplements contain banned substances; gas station boner pills that Redban takes; Shroom Tech Sport; energy drinks; No-Doz; Beneil Dariush; Michael Chiesa; Alan Jouban vs. Belal Muhammad; fighting from the guard; gassing out trying to finish a guy; Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin; adrenaline dumps; MMA rounds compared to boxing rounds; avoiding gassing out; sparring; BJ Penn’s peak; Joey talks about training Jiu Jitsu; Jocko Wilnick; Jocko Willink’s Instagram; Jouban vs. Muhammad; waking up early; heart attacks; drinking water; Jouban vs. Muhammad; the earliest Joe gets up to workout; waking up early; humans love to follow patterns; Joey talks about his childhood mornings; early morning drama; looking up at the stars and realizing we’re in space; Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Lauzon; Jon Jones testing positive; (Joey eats some edibles); Joey talks about eating edibles; CBD oil; talk about legality of marijuana; movement training; Rickson Gracie; talk about the Gracie family; Roy Nelson’s grappling; Frank Mir blames positive drug test on kangaroo meat; Roy Nelson vs. Derek Lewis; Roy Nelson should lose weight; more Nelson vs. Lewis talk; talk about decisions and win bonuses; Mark Hunt vs. Brock Lesnar talk; heavyweights and super heavyweights; could ex-football players become MMA fighters; Mark Bell’s Sling Shot; Cain Velasquez; Anderson Silva vs. Daniel Cormier; weed breath spray; getting really high and appreciating life afterwards; Joey talks about performing while high on an edible; Joey Diaz’s fanny pack; Rafael dos Anjos and Eddie Alvarez talk; Khabib Nurmagomedov; dos Anjos/Alvarez talk; (Joey has a meltdown about Alvarez winning); Michael Chandler; UFC 200 talk; will Conor McGregor move to 155 lbs.; Khabib talk; injured fighters rushing their comebacks; UFC betting lines; UFC jitters; Alistair Overeem; Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem fight; Apple TV; Robbie Lawler; Joey Diaz’s upcoming special; Ali Wong; (Joe and Joey watch Lesnar vs. Overeem); Lesnar’s NFL combine results; Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem talk; Greg Jackson talk; talk about fighter camps; Mark Henry talk; Edson Barboza talk; Jose Aldo talk; talk about soccer; Pele; sports with only one famous athlete; Michael Phelps; doing yoga after eating an edible; Joe wants a voice-activated recorder in his float tank; float tank talk; Joey talks about going to community college; Joe went to junior college; talk about school; talk about learning history; Joey talks about an old job he had; buying booze when you’re underage; talk about fake license plates and driver’s licenses; getting on a plane without ID; lockers at airports; San Francisco airport has a yoga room; Joey talks about a guy who would show him his dick in an airport washroom; gay guys and bathrooms; Larry Craig scandal; Joey talks about going to a porno theater; talk about ’70s porn; Times Square in the ’70s and ’80s; fake weed ads in old magazines; fake drugs; Times Square today; today is the best age for assess; asses of old celebrities.

My Thoughts: Sticks to fighting much more than one of the regular fight companion podcasts. Joe does most of the talking. After the fights are over, it turns into a regular podcast talking about a variety of topics.

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