The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 820 with Milo Yiannopoulos

Episode Number: 820
Episode Guest: Milo Yiannopoulos
Original Airdate: July 7, 2016
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Guest Bio: Milo Yiannopoulos is a writer and broadcaster. He is a senior editor at and hosts The Milo Yiannopoulos Show podcast, available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Wearing sunglasses indoors; Milo’s military jacket; stolen valor; talk about Brexit; feminism is driven by white guilt; reading each others’ minds; demonizing masculinity; men are dark and dangerous; rape is declining; martial arts to manage masculinity; Milo hired a personal trainer and lost weight; Milo wants to do a talk at Yale on cultural appropriation in a Native American costume; dreadlocks are not African American; talk on cultural appropriation; recreational outrage; white guy attacked by black girl for having dreadlocks; people who think it’s not possible to be racist against white people; abortion debate; Sally Kohn wants a gay child; gay people saying they’re born that way; promiscuous women have gay children; Milo is against abortion; Myers-Briggs type indicator; faith; Islamic religion; self-loathing gays; Orlando nightclub shooter; Milo thinks vapers should be deported; Milo doesn’t like Canada; Canada and gender neutral identity cards; Canada is changing the Canadian national anthem to remove gender pronouns; Milo thinks Justin Trudeau is gay; “cuck” definition; more Brexit talk; men vs. women; Trump vs. Clinton; Clinton email controversy; Bernie supporters; montage video of Hillary Clinton’s lies about her email server; Trump thinks all Mexicans in America are rapists and criminals; using gay slurs; there are terrible people in all cultures; travelling with your own pillow; Milo’s touring and speaking engagements; Steven Crowder Nigel Farage Brexit video; university professors spread conspiracy theories and lies; patriarchy; wage gap talk; transgender man breastfeeding; transgender talk; Milo thinks people who want gender reassignment surgery are mentally ill; breasts and breast implant surgery; Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner talk; Bruce Jenner is insane; people who have gender reassignment surgery don’t feel better afterwards; hormone therapy for kids; debate about changing genders; you can only embrace feminine virtue if you’re transgender; Caitlyn Jenner was woman of the year; more gay/trans talk; no one believes Caitlyn Jenner is a woman; why transgender prostitutes get beaten up more often; Bailey Jay; gender pronouns; beauty has become marginalized; fat pride and being proud to be fat; models are getting uglier; celebrating irresponsible lifestyle choices; the average American woman weighs 160 lbs.–the same as a man from the 1960s; Milo got in trouble on Twitter for fat shaming someone; fat shaming works; Milo’s article on JC Penny; talk about dieting and losing weight; if you’re fat it’s because you’re lazy; Milo doesn’t want to see fat people at the gym; fat people aren’t hot; Milo thinks women claiming sexual harassment is a way for them to brag that someone was hitting on them; sexual harassment talk; kids don’t know the rules for appropriate touching/contact; why is the world so bizarre now; the new left; talk about the left and the right; the right has become libertarian; the death of religion in politics; you have to be conservative if you want to be dangerous; Milo is a Trump guy and has no problems with him; Joe talks about Trump not paying his bills; Milo thinks Richard Branson is the devil; Necker Island; Virgin Airlines; Bill Gates; Bill Gates has reversed his negative reputation; Steve Ballmer; Donald Sterling and talk about his racial remarks and lifetime ban; “coal burner” term; more Donald Sterling talk; Orlando shooter transcript was censored; pandering to Muslims; was Orlando the deadliest mass shooting in US history; more Orlando transcript censorship talk; conservatives are talking all the risks; “Why Islam? Of the three great monotheistic religions only one did not go through the Enlightenment” article by Michael Shermer; talk about Islam; talk about the NRA; Milo wants a gun to protect himself; America is the best country in the world; the left isn’t honest about the risks to gays; Milo is going to lead a gay march through a Muslim area in Sweden on horseback; rape crisis in Sweden; Milo wants to deport all Muslims; talk about Sweden; more talk about US mass shootings; more talk about Sweden obscuring the data about rapes; how do you educate immigrants; Iraq has been neutralized as a threat; every country shits on America but everyone comes to America when it needs help; Milo thinks America is great and is a powerful good guy; the left doesn’t think America is good; Vladimir Putin; who pays for transgender surgery; talk about transgender surgery; the left tries to oversimplify life; Gamergate talk; it is not bigoted to have an unpopular point of view.

My Thoughts: Milo says a lot of offensive things. Not sure if he’s trolling or not.

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