The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 815 with Cameron Hanes

Episode Number: 815
Episode Guest: Cameron Hanes
Original Airdate: June 28, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Dollar Shave Club, Onnit

Guest Bio: Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, “training intensively each and every day to become the Ultimate Predator.”

Topics Discussed: Cam ran a 100-mile, 24-hour marathon and talks about it; the impact on his body; running 13 miles the day after the marathon; why he does ultra marathons; naysayers; challenging himself; only pain limits him; EPO; medical marijuana and ultra marathon runners; drug tests for work; just because you use something it doesn’t mean you abuse something; addiction; tainted over-the-counter supplements; ketogenic diet and increased testosterone production; more talk about fat people, sugar, and the keto diet; counting time in small increments; hiking with rocks in his bag; carrying meat from an animal you’ve killed; using llamas to carry your meat; eating horse; cats kill billions of animals per year; Australians kill cats; Cam couldn’t kill a horse; deer talk; hunting elk compared to mule deer; bowhunting is more difficult than rifle hunting; people who don’t appreciate hunting; Joe thinks hunting is psychedelic; hunters are responsible for the increase in animal populations; people’s perception of hunters; negative people; animal rights activists who hate people; we are all responsible for a negative impact on the world; plant versions of vitamins and nutrients compared to meat; vegans can eat shitty diets and be unhealthy; the hierarchy of life; speciesism; tattoo ink isn’t vegan; grain harvesting kills animals; vegans who kill insects; the argument that our bodies weren’t designed to process meat; hyena mauls teenager’s face during camping trip; getting shots before going to Africa; Americans are soft; reward systems; appreciating food more when you kill it yourself; we are detached from the concerns of the world; it’s not good to eliminate the challenges of the world; appreciating life more after returning from a hunting trip; Cam drank buffalo piss water on a hunt in Australia; buffalo talk; scrub bulls; Cam’s Aussie water buffalo heart shot video; filtering water while hunting; whale piss in the ocean; nets found in stomachs of dead whales; technology is part of Cam’s experience in the wild world; the argument that hunters should be killing animals with their hands; debates about ideology; conservation is a byproduct of hunting; negative feedback on social media; the original story of Robin Hood was about meat; Yellowstone and protected public land; living in the city isn’t experiencing real life; Cam talks about hunting in California; nature is like a drug and makes you feel good; it’s good to feel small sometimes; nature doesn’t care about you; it’s hard to convince people to be uncomfortable; talk about Cameron’s new podcast; vegan bodybuilders on steroids; steroids aren’t vegan; more talk about haters online; virtue signalling; vegan finds out his pizza has cheese on it video; ag-gag laws; hunters aren’t the enemy; you can find humanely harvested meat if you look for it; everyone is contributing to death; the sound of animals eating plants causes plants to react defensively; life eats life.

My Thoughts: Joe talks about the same stuff he’s talked about many times before.

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