The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 814 with Ari Shaffir

Episode Number: 814
Episode Guest: Ari Shaffir
Original Airdate: June 22, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Ting, ZipRecruiter, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Ari Shaffir is a stand-up comedian and also hosts the podcasts Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank and Punch Drunk Sports. Check out his show This Is Not Happening on Comedy Central and YouTube.

Topics Discussed: Doing stand-up comedy in historic theaters; Led Zeppelin lawsuit; (Joe and Ari listen to comparison between Spirit and Led Zeppelin songs); stem cell treatments; losing your hair and shaving your head; getting a butt transplanted on your head to round out a flat head; fake chin plastic surgery; more butt-to-head transplant talk; artificial cranial deformation; King Tutankhamun talk; Game of Thrones talk; The Black Dahlia; people who kill their spouses instead of getting a divorce; Navy SEAL who killed someone for taking pictures of underage girls; Michael Jackson’s porn stash found with dead bodies and animal mutilation; Michael Jackson looks like he’s made of clay; Russian woman who got plastic surgery to look like Barbie; future of sex dolls; organs grown in a lab; what will technology be like in 100 years; more sex doll talk; people desire fucking someone but also want a connection; porn addiction; Michael Jackson child molestation talk; Michael Jackson superimposed the heads of children onto the heads of adults; animated child pornography is still child porn; more Michael Jackson talk; Mark Fuhrman had to pull out his baton on OJ Simpson; OJ Simpson: Made in America 30 for 30 documentary; OJ Simpson trying on the murder glove video; the cocaine that killed Len Bias; Joe had a dream about being on a slippery rooftop; Inception movie; a dream is the same as reality; quitting something and dreaming about the thing you quit; Ari and his addiction to cigarettes; nicotine has brain benefits; Joe smokes e-cigs before going on stage; Joe had a puff of Doug Stanhope’s cigarette; more cigarette talk; The Insider movie; why cigarettes are addictive; everything can be addictive; nicotine is not physically addictive; Joe was addicted to coffee and caffeine; talk about caffeine; mate; Ari went to Bonnaroo; talk about Ari doing comedy at Bonnaroo; talk about booze; Justin Trudeau on marijuana legalization in Canada; getting booze when you’re underage; Nixon’s war on drugs targeted blacks and hippies; Wikileaks accuses Facebook of censorship of Hillary Clinton emails; Hillary Clinton should go to jail for her email server; talk about the presidential race and the candidates; talk about the voting system; Tea Party movement; Sarah Palin; there needs to be a new political and voting system; Ari talks about doing drugs and seeing LCD Soundsystem; Chris Stapleton; Stone Temple Pilots played Dana White’s birthday party; video of Dana White’s birthday party; Scott Weiland inspired Joe; Billy Corgen is a republican; Courtney Love talk; talk about music and musicians; Mick Jagger performing recently; Mick Jagger’s exercise routine; Ari went to Loch Ness; the Loch Ness Monster; River Monsters TV show; sturgeons; biggest pacific halibut; talk about fish and fishing; cooking fish; Joe and Ari talk about taking a fishing trip; muskellunge; flying mammals; eagle snatches kid video; Joe Perry Bigfoot video; Willow Creek movie; Bobcat Goldthwait; Call Me Lucky video about Barry Crimmins; Joan Jett and the Runaways were raped by their manager; Kesha’s rape accusations of Dr. Luke; rape is a hard crime to prove; you are never supposed to question a rape victim; there are crazy women who will make up a rape story; more Kesha and Dr. Luke talk; getting out of a shitty contract; Ari talks about Jerrod Carmichael walking away from New Girl because they wanted to sign him to a seven-year contract; Joe talks about doing shitty TV shows like Hardball; child actors; child stars aren’t right; child stars don’t develop properly; kids need to struggle and overcome adversity; an American Pie actress made fun of someone for driving a Honda; someone made fun of Joe because he had an Acura NSX; Joe would watch Bruce Lee videos in his Infinity; marijuana wine; people don’t understand the effects of marijuana when you eat or drink it; (Joe shows Ari his marijuana breath spray); talk about Joey’s “stars of death” and gummi bears; Jamie says edibles don’t affect him; Joe’s weight; fatty foods don’t make you fat; mangoes enhance your marijuana high; Dean Delray has diabetes; too many carbs or too much sugar can give you diabetes; your body can’t tell the difference between sugars from candy or soda and fruit; (Ari pisses in a bottle while podcasting); Ari talks about his upcoming shows; Ari talks about doing free comedy shows in Scotland; comping people tickets in America.

My Thoughts: Nice short two-hour podcast that jumps ALL OVER the place.

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