The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 810 with Big Jay Oakerson

Episode Number: 810
Episode Guest: Big Jay Oakerson
Original Airdate: June 15, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons,, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Big Jay Oakerson is a stand-up comedian and he also hosts his own show Legion of Skanks Podcast available on iTunes. His new one-hour special Live at Webster Hall premieres Friday, June 17, 2016 at midnight on Comedy Central.

Topics Discussed: Opera singers; Jim Jefferies was an opera singer; stand-up comedy and stand-up TV shows; Joe tells the story about how he learned about Sam Kinison; Andrew Dice Clay; black comedy and mainstream comedy; comedy in the ’80s was homophobic; people love to be offended; Kurt Metzger; Kinison and cocaine; Dice and marijuana; Dice and cigarettes; Big Jay’s Dice impression; more Dice talk; Dice’s The Day the Laughter Died album; Big Jay tells a Kevin Hart story; more Kevin Hart talk; doing stand-up is the most fun; doing a TV show; getting lazy at stand-up when doing a TV show; Big Jay talks about working on the Z Rock TV show; Joe talks about working on NewsRadio; more working on a TV show talk; Louie TV show;  Jesse Joyce; Roast Battle talk; comedy club talk; women can shit on guys but guys can’t shit on girls; girls are more sensitive than guys; more Roast Battle talk; more talk about men and women; Big Jay thinks that manhood and masculinity is being attacked; it’s OK to be feminine but guys can’t be masculine; “toxic masculinity” and the Orlando shooter; virtue signalling; people acting and wanting to be outraged; naked comedy shows and Roast Battle; Big Jay talks about hanging out with and staring at naked girls; most women want a manly man; more talk about making fun of men and women; 2016 Orlando nightclub shooter talk; Charles Whitman sniper talk; Bill Maher called terrorists cowards; talk about the 9/11 attacks; 9/11 plane crash video; people freaking out and getting hogtied on planes; more Orlando shooting talk; gun talk; talk about the kid getting killed in Orlando by an alligator at DisneyWorld; talk about alligators in Florida; alligator on golf course video; Nile crocodiles; Nile crocodile eats wildebeest video; emerald cockroach wasp; we’d be fucked if insects were the size of cows; suicidal grasshoppers brainwashed by parasite worms; man sprays mountain lion with bear spray video; mountain biker gets taken out by gazelle video; talk about fighting off an animal; ram headbutts cow video; McConkey documentary; people who die on roller coasters; more DisneyWorld alligator talk; more alligators in Florida talk; Florida is gross; talk about Miami and its past with cocaine; Cocaine Cowboys documentary; The Seven Five documentary; Mike Dowd talk; cocaine talk; Adderall talk; meth and Adderall are virtually the same; Ritalin; Thalidomide; seagulls and Alka Seltzer; Big Jay talks about anxiety and a landlord dispute; panic attacks; DDP Yoga; importance of exercise; kettlebell workouts; Keith Weber kettlebell DVDs; strength and fat people; Big Jay talks about being a fat guy; fat guys will always be fat guys; fake tits and breast implant surgery; dick enhancement surgery; first penis transplant; penises breaking from sex; circumcision; labiaplasty; talk about porn stars’ vaginas; more vagina talk; clits that are like penises; (the guys look at pictures of vaginas with giant clits); Jimmy Durante and his giant nose; a dog’s sense of smell; New York’s marijuana laws; weed should be treated like alcohol; contact highs from marijuana; Underground Comedy Club; The Iron Sheik; Joe Rogan meets The Iron Sheik video; The Sheik documentary; Big Jay explains the Bad Girls Club TV show to Joe; Real World TV show; Big Jay wants to do live readings of Bad Girls Club transcripts; Joe says Big Jay should narrate Bad Girls Club; reality TV casting; talk about the reality of reality shows; talk shows that prey on weak people; The Jerry Springer Show; rich people live in Connecticut and commute to Manhattan; Big Jay talks about doing Howard Stern’s radio show; more Andrew Dice Clay talk; Dice TV show; talk about Woody Allen’s old stand-up comedy; Dice impressions; talk about podcast networks; talk about Sirius radio shows; talk about Big Jay’s Comedy Central special; talk about Comedy Central; talk about censorship on television networks; talk about how popular Joe’s podcast is and how effective an appearance on his podcast is for the guest; podcasts can’t be regulated; talk about how awesome podcasts are compared to radio; talk about Howard Stern’s deal with Sirius; feud between Ari Shaffir and Howard Stern; Howard’s thoughts on podcasting; local radio DJs; Big Jay talks about doing Bob and Tom; more talk about local radio and DJs; doing comedy bits on radio during an interview; radio DJs are lazy; podcasting is the best thing to happen to stand-up comedy; talk about podcasts and podcasting; Howard Stern can’t hang out with anyone; more Howard talk; talk about Opie and Anthony; Joe tells the baby bird egg nog story; baby bird video; talk about Jim Norton; video of Big Jay kissing another man.

My Thoughts: Lots of comedy talk and gender talk. Talk about animals and bugs. Drug talk. Fake tits and giant clits. Reality TV shows. Podcasting vs. traditional radio.

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