The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 808 with Michael A. Wood, Jr.

Episode Number: 808
Episode Guest: Michael A. Wood, Jr.
Original Airdate: June 13, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, MVMT Watches, Squarespace,, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Michael A. Wood, Jr. is a retired Baltimore police officer and veteran of the USMC. He previously made the news for publicly speaking out against police brutality and has become a proponent of a new era of policing. A young man who met Michael as a child, when Michael was a cop volunteering at a recreation center, found Michael to talk about how much the experience affected him as well. He’s now trying to continue his growth, please help him here.

Topics Discussed: What can be done to stop mass shootings; there are mass shootings (more than three dead people) each day in America; Chicago’s new police leader; New York’s police slowdown; the police creates tension; the police protects and serves the rich; universal basic income; Baltimore housing segregation; disconnected youths need goals to achieve and to see examples of success; institutionalized racism; black people get harsher prison sentences than white people for the same crimes; how should criminals be punished; how to prevent crime; problems with Baltimore; prison guard unions; prison and police unions are fighting to keep marijuana illegal; using education to fight the drug war; there are relatively few mass shootings compared to how many guns there are in America; how does society benefit from having guns; people rarely defend themselves with their guns; Joe and Michael debate gun control; North Hollywood shootout; more gun control debate; guns are made for killing but knives, cars, etc. have other purposes; talk about gun control around the world and how other countries have little-to-no gun violence; NRA talk; it’s more dangerous to engage in a shooting scenario when you have a gun; running is your best bet for safety; people want to think they can be heroes; more talk about hero scenarios; debate about the Second Amendment and what it really means; debate about how gun deaths are actually calculated; Michael thinks Ted Nugent is crazy; the more educated people are, the fewer kids they have; Michael tells a story about working as a police officer in Baltimore; more gun control debate; drug war talk; Massachusetts isn’t locking up heroin users; Mathieu Kassovitz approached Michael about doing a movie after his last appearance on Joe’s podcast; Michael talks about getting involved in the Baltimore community; cops don’t realize the repercussions of their actions; talk about a former drug dealer in Baltimore who is teaching kids photography; Michael tried to be chief of police in Chicago; kids today are more ambitious and achieving more than their parents did; we live in the safest era in human history; criminals are better and more ambitious than ever; what would Michael have done in Chicago if he was the chief of police; drug addiction is a public health issue; Michael thinks doctors should sell drugs to eliminate the black market; the cannabis model in Colorado should be applied to other drugs; talk about death from alcohol; ibogaine; Joe talks about the benefits of marijuana; feeling vulnerable is good; Joe talks about reward systems again; people need to find a passion that excites them; people view drugs as an escape rather than an enhancement for life; masculinity and people who view intelligence as weakness; Michael is starting a small podcast studio and network; it’s important for young people to believe they can be successful; Joe talks about how he’s inspired people; life is a constant journey; expose yourself to interesting people; Joe talks about how the podcast has benefited him; Michael talks about getting arrested; Michael talks again about his upcoming podcast.

My Thoughts: Lots of gun control debate. Michael is pro gun control and Joe is sooooo very against it. Talk about drugs and people growing up in poor neighborhoods.

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