The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 806 with Dave Smith

Episode Number: 806
Episode Guest: Dave Smith
Original Airdate: June 6, 2016
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Guest Bio: Dave Smith is a stand-up comedian and host of Part Of The Problem podcast available on iTunes, and he is also one-third of The Legion of Skanks.

Topics Discussed: Dave tells the story of how Hillary Clinton defended and freed a child rapist; conspiracy theory that Joe is a CIA agent; Joe talks about Eddie Bravo’s conspiracy theory about Laurel Canyon, musicians, and the government; Bilderberg Group; the global elite wants to limit the earth’s population to 500 million; people are tribal and in denial about who they follow; talk about religion and the war in the Middle East; Gavin McInnes and Glenn Beck became religious later in life; migration of people from Asia; Gulf of Tonkin incident; Operation Northwoods proposed false flag attack; lawyers decide military attacks; lawyers run the government; Tom Woods; what if we fought crime with drones; talk about young people going to war; the war on terrorism; airport screening; NSA employees were checking up on their exes; more talk about the NSA; Apple/FBI encryption dispute; Nixon’s war on drugs targeted blacks and hippies; J. Edgar Hoover was a cross-dressing maniac; tribalism within the government; the CIA is spying on people who oversee the CIA; the government is a corporation; Hillary Clinton laughing about Gaddafi dying; Gadaffi was stabbed in the ass; Hillary gets a free pass because she’s a woman; Hillary is creepy; Hillary is taking money from Saudis; it’s too hard to hide shit today; will a computer one day be able to account for everything that’s ever happened; talk about the future of artificial intelligence and the future of sentient technology; Elon Musk thinks we could be living in a simulation; the power of belief; Joe says smart people have a harder time competing in martial arts; Ellen interview with Ronda Rousey; talk about how Ronda’s increasing popularity took her focus away from fighting; Holly Holm talk; Anderson Silva talk; Luke Rockhold vs. Michael Bisping talk; Michael Bisping talk about his injuries and his fight with Anderson Silva; talk about Anderson’s decline; Rockhold was overconfident going into the Bisping fight; Dan Henderson talk; Henderson vs. Hector Lombard fight; Dan Henderson’s knockout of Michael Bisping; potential middleweight fights; Cody Gabrandt; Joe thinks there should be more weight classes in the UFC; talk about fighters cutting weight; CSAC weight cutting rules; Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz fight; Miesha Tate vs. Holly Holm fight; more McGregor vs. Diaz talk; Joe Schilling; Andre Ward; McGregor vs. Diaz rematch talk; Nate Diaz vs. Josh Thomson; talk about Ariel Helwani getting banned then unbanned by the UFC; Joe talks about Ariel breaking the UFC 200 Brock Lesnar news before the UFC could officially announce it; more talk about Helwani leaking news before the UFC; Joe tells the UFC’s side of the Helwani situation; Joe would never work for or commentate for another MMA organization; Joe prefers to do fight companion podcasts over commentating fights; watching fights on TV is better than watching the fights in person; Bruce Buffer blew his knee out doing the Buffer 360 at UFC 100; video of Joe talking Bruce Buffer into doing the Buffer 360 at UFC 100; Joe says he needs to talk Bruce into doing a Buffer 720 at UFC 200; death of Kimbo Slice; talk about Kimbo’s rise from street fighter into MMA fighter; Elite XC talk; HBO was in talks to broadcast the UFC but it wanted to control the broadcasts and replace Joe and Mike Goldberg; talk about bad MMA judges; talk about athletic commissions; Nick Diaz fails drug tests for marijuana; Anderson Silva fails drug tests for PEDs after Nick Diaz fight; Wanderlei Silva ran from a drug test; death of Freddie Gray; running is not a crime; shooting of Walter Scott; being a cop is one of the hardest jobs; death of Eric Garner; NYPD slowdown after the death of Eric Garner; parking tickets; who is it okay to lock up; talk about Gary Johnson; Ron Paul talk; libertarianism talk; the two-party system is preposterous; talk about the presidential candidates; Vanity Fair said Donald Trump has small hands; presidential debates; Dave thinks we’re on the verge of a collapse; Ralph Nader says men today are too sensitive because they’ve never been in a draft; talk about trigger warnings, social justice warriors, and cultural appropriation; talk about gender issues; New York will fine people if they misgender you; talk about how sex between two drunk people is considered rape; why are women always triggered by rape jokes; Law and Order: SVU had an episode about the Daniel Tosh stand-up comedy rape joke controversy; people are a weird, giant, super organism; 30 for 30 episode on the Duke lacrosse scandal; people are dumb and can’t be changed; smart people can be manipulated; if Hillary Clinton was a man with the same voting record, people will hate her; Howard Dean’s scream; why does Hillary want to be president; Hillary Clinton has headaches and faints; Clinton says Trump is too dangerous to have the nuclear codes; technology will make life better; we will merge with technology; the merging of sex with technology; Alan Watts on playing the game of life; transgender bathroom talk; people have to say Caitlyn Jenner looks good as a woman; Radiolab/Invisibilia “Paige’s Story” podcast episode about a man who switches back and forth between genders; people like handcrafted things; the outdoors; Neil deGrasse Tyson won’t say he’s an atheist; more libertarian talk; we have an antiquated system of government.

My Thoughts: Lots of political talk, which is kind of a bore. Thankfully it turns to MMA talk an hour into the podcast. Joe talks about the Ariel Helwani situation and briefly talks about the death of Kimbo Slice. Then it gets back into politics, social justice warriors, and gender issues for the remainder of the podcast. I had trouble paying attention towards the end. It’s mostly the same stuff you’ve heard Joe complain about 100 times.

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