The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 805 with Steve Hofstetter

Episode Number: 805
Episode Guest: Steve Hofstetter
Original Airdate: June 2, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Ruby Receptionist, Uber, Onnit

Guest Bio: Steve Hofstetter is a comedian and podcast host. His podcast Major League is available on iTunes and he also has a YouTube channel with over 35 million views.

Topics Discussed: Steve’s video destroying a heckler that went viral; talk about comedians dealing with hecklers; if you’re an asshole, alcohol makes you more of an asshole; The Comedy Store, hecklers, and alcoholics; angry drunks, happy drunks, and crying drunks; Steve became sober after being on the road; dancing on a bar; people in twelve-step programs; Steve stopped drinking after being drugged by a jealous guy; dry drunk; Radiolab podcast episode “The Fix”; only 5% of people stick with Alcoholics Anonymous; ibogaine; Yelp and other online reviews; Peeple–the Yelp for people; The Box film; drone pilots suffer anxiety; Joe could kill someone if he was a terrible person; PTSD and soldiers; movies and cliches; old school hip hop and gangster rap; MC Serch and his talk show; “keeping it real”; Steve talks about working as an extra; stand-up comedy open mics; Joe tells the story about Joey Diaz hiding behind a comedian and showing the audience his balls; how you see yourself compared to how others see yourself; bombing; delusion; follow your dreams unless your dreams are stupid; the crazy people who go to the American Idol auditions; Steve was in the Clay Aiken E! True Hollywood Story; dealing with lawyers and rules while working on TV shows; bad, bland TV shows like According to Jim and JAG; NCIS TV show; Chuck Lorre and his TV shows; Joe and Steve tell stories about watching TV with dumb people; Duck Dynasty; Donald Trump running for president and the people who like him; Donald Trump and the Central Park Five; nothing changed when Obama became president; people are tribal when it comes to politics; there needs to be more than two political parties; not everyone should vote; superdelegates and Jesse Jackson; a representative government is antiquated because of the internet; Harambe the gorilla talk; Joe talks about the strength of primates and working with a chimp on Fear Factor; story of a gorilla who saved a boy at a zoo; people are stupid; Steve owns Morty’s Comedy Joint; you should have to take a pill for six months to have a baby; talk about how many people there are in California; talk about comedy clubs and tickets; Joe hates Broadway shows; The Book of Mormon musical; Avenue Q musical; Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical; American Idiot musical; materialistic rich people; higher taxes for rich people; people and debt; we’re ruining the environment because there’s no immediate feedback of our actions; global warming deniers; Trump is a global warming denier; stray animals; shelters and animals; people are irresponsible with animals; PETA kills a lot of animals; talk about pit bulls; walking dogs without a leash; dogs and fleas; talk about driving, merging, speeding, and speed limits; (Steve goes to the bathroom); Jamie and Joe talk about dogs not on their leashes; Joe’s daughter was bit by a German shepherd.

My Thoughts: Talk about hecklers, comedy, alcohol and addiction, TV shows, politics, Harambe, Broadway shows, and animals.

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