The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 803 with Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt

Episode Number: 803
Episode Guest: Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt
Original Airdate: May 31, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Dollar Shave Club,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand-up comedian and actor. Together with Lee Syatt, he also hosts a podcast called The Church of What’s Happening Now.

Topics Discussed: Talk about a Lynard Skynard and The Rolling Stones poster that Joey Diaz brought for Joe; Ted Nugent talk; Ted Nugent debates Piers Morgan about gun control video; talk about gun control and gun deaths; Gucci Mane and prison sentences for possession of a gun; Sonny Liston pulls a gun on Muhammad Ali video; Muhammad Ali talk; Michael Spinks talk; Joe used to watch boxing at a movie theater on a closed circuit feed; Tommy Hearns vs. Roberto Duran video; more gun control talk; talk about people and the government abusing power; Joey wants to carry a gun for protection; Joey talks again about doing time; military vet goes on shooting spree in Houston; the camaraderie and love soldiers feel for one another during war; people are bored with everyday life but excited by going to war; camaraderie between comedians; Joe and Joey tell stories about starting out in comedy; American Sniper movie; soldiers realizing that war is exciting and that regular life sucks; how soldiers acclimate back into society; Alex Honnold and mountain climbing; people addicted to adrenaline; comics who quit comedy; comedy guest spots; comedians asking to do a guest spot; comedians doing guest spots and ruining the night; opening acts warming up a crowd; talk about bad comedians; being around other good comedians is inspiring; Anthony Bourdain melts a meteor to make a knife; hanging out with other comedians; Ron White; alcohol; Joey tells a story about trying to pay a girl with quarters to give him a blow job when he was eight; Joey talks about talks about his childhood; Joe’s grandparents thought their house was haunted; people are bored and want to believe there are ghosts; the previous owner of Joey’s childhood house killed himself in the garage; Sicilians don’t live on dead end streets; Sleepers movie; Joey talks about his childhood and kids he knew; Joe talks about first meeting Joey; Joey talks more about his childhood; people get addicted to drama and bad situations; Joey talks about being addicted to cocaine; addiction is an excuse to not live up to your potential; Joey’s idea for quitting cocaine was to do heroin on Mondays; Joey describes doing heroin; Mitch Hedberg; Joey talks about his heroin dealer Bonehead; Avanti cars and other Italian automobiles; talk about how fanny packs are awesome; Joey can’t do comedy in Washington state; Joey talks about being in jail; Joey would give the police the names of his friends; Joey wouldn’t carry ID on him; Joey did community service under someone else’s name; Joey got a ticket for slapping someone; Joey tells the story about Colorado arresting people for using racial slurs; why is Colorado so liberal; Boulder, Colorado isn’t the same as it used to be; Austin, Texas; talk about Boulder, Colorado; Evergreen, Colorado; Joe talks about elk in Colorado; elk don’t worry about people in Yellowstone National Park; Yellowstone elk decides woman is too close for comfort video; people can die from being attacked by a deer; Joe put a Kimura on a deer and broke its leg when it was dead; Eddie Bravo is in the hospital getting his back discs replaced; Joe talks about disc surgery; Joe talks about things you can do to help your back problems; injuries from doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Bas Rutten‘s injuries; Joey talks about doing BJJ; Joey thinks Dana White gave Jose Aldo the Zika virus; Chinese students climb 2,000 foot bamboo ladder to get to school; 56,000,000 people die each year from diseases; Zika virus; you never hear about people dying from AIDS; Joey’s uncle has cancer; Joey talks about his uncle who had three different families; death is a nightmare for the people who are left to deal with the aftermath; Prince didn’t have a will; people get taxed on money they inherit after someone’s death; the government are robbers; gift tax; rich people pay less taxes than the average American; tax shelters; Kevin Trudeau; the government is greedy; the benefit of not limiting how much money someone can make; would Joe pay taxes if Joey gave him $2,000,000; Pablo Escobar spent $2,500 each month on rubber bands and once burned $1,000,000 for warmth; rats ate $1,000,000,000 of Pablo’s money each year; Joey knew someone who was making $6,000,000 per week selling cocaine; “Johnny Depp is being blackmailed by Amber Heard” article by Doug Stanhope; more talk about the Johnny Depp situation; Johnny Depp didn’t have a prenuptial agreement; Jerry Hall married Rupert Murdoch; girls can be creepy, devious fucks too; Joey Diaz won’t open his door unless he’s expecting someone; a Mormon stole Joey’s marijuana pipe from his house; religions that take a percentage of your income; Fear Factor TV show; Joe got into a fight with someone on Fear Factor; fear while getting into a fight; Joey talks about being jumped by two guys who hit him with a 2×4 wood board; the fear of getting in a fight is worse than being in a fight; Joey is surprised he’s not more violent despite his rough childhood; people need to get their ass kicked and be humbled; drug dealers are always close to violence; Pablo Escobar didn’t do drugs; Joey talks about being paranoid while on cocaine; Joey talks about being a volunteer firefighter in Colorado; Joey tells more Colorado stories from his youth; talk about Aspen, Colorado; Colorado jails are the best; Ted Bundy escaped from the Aspen jail; bringing edibles on a plane.

My Thoughts: Nice to see Lee was on this podcast, though he doesn’t say a whole lot. They mostly tell the same stories and talk about the same things you’ve heard many times before. They talk about the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard situation.

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