The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 802 with Tom Papa

Episode Number: 802
Episode Guest: Tom Papa
Original Airdate: May 19, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Casper, LegalZoom, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Tom Papa is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and television/radio host. Check out his podcast Come to Papa, available to download on iTunes and Stitcher.

Topics Discussed: If you divide up all the money in the United States, everyone would get $179,000; Joe tells a story about a five-year-old prince who visited Disneyland with his servants; your kids asking for you to carry them; Tom lifted his kid up into a tree branch; Tom’s daughter is reaching puberty but doesn’t want to grow up; not wanting the responsibility of being an adult; some adults are too serious; Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; food pyramid; Tom brought sourdough bread for Joe; Joe weighs only 190 lbs.; ancient Egyptians had fucked up teeth from grinding up grain with sand in it; birds eat shotgun pellets and get lead poisoning; (Joe eats some of Tom’s bread); Tom’s bread has three ingredients while grocery store bread has 30+ ingredients; people started making their own bread after hearing him talk about it on Joe’s podcast; New York Times article about Tom’s bread; Radiolab podcast “The Bad Show”; our air is mostly nitrogen; Fritz Haber and nitrogen; Fritz Haber created poison gas used to kill Jewish people; what is a war crime; Joe talks about his ketogenic diet; people get used to feeling like shit; how Jimmy Kimmel lost weight; Dr. Rhonda Patrick; being fat was once a sign of wealth; Rubenesque women; King Corn documentary; corn is in everything, even the meat we eat; why are good things bad for you; not eating factory-farmed meat; the farm-to-table movement; it’s natural for farmers to kill their animals; factory farming is spreading around the world; more Fritz Haber and war crime talk; war was once gentlemanly; World War II; Adrien Brody on Woody Allen; Ronan Farrow is Frank Sinatra’s son, not Woody Allen’s; actors and actresses are mostly crazy; Rosario Dawson is a normal person; more Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra talk; people think Joe is a Trump supporter; people think Tom is a Hillary supporter; people call Tom a white, entitled asshole; talk about Woody Allen marrying his daughter; Woody at a basketball game with Soon-Yi as a child sitting on his lap picture; Joe will watch Woody Allen movies but wouldn’t be in one of his movies; talk about Woody Allen movies; Woody’s early stand-up comedy was pervy; Woody is a weird guy, but what he did isn’t a crime; Woody Allen sexual abuse allegations; if you didn’t work with someone because of their private life, you wouldn’t want to work with anyone; fantasizing about someone else while having sex; Boy Scouts are supposed to keep their minds pure; Tom doesn’t want to know what his wife is thinking; aprons with front pockets; lots of chefs smoke cigarettes even though they deaden your taste buds; why does smoking look cool; vaping looks like sucking on a robot dick; Joe talks about how vaping is stupid; nicotine is a cognitive enhancer; is caffeine a cognitive enhancer; nootropics; Joe talks about the vitamins Tom should take; fish oil is important for the omega fatty acids; you can only create a good body with good ingredients; Joe had headaches from a lack of sugar; fruit and fruit juice is full of sugar; sugar from fruit isn’t healthy; glucosamine; Dead Doctors Don’t Lie book; Joe takes Pure Encapsulations for vitamins; Joe talks about what he does in the morning; breakfast isn’t the most important meal; Tom talks about doing shows on the road; Duncan Trussell is on a tour; emotional needs dogs; Tom was once vegetarian/vegan but now eats meat; monitoring your protein; Hemp Force protein powder; hemp can’t be grown in the United States; Tom had to go on statins for his cholesterol; food is too much fun to go without bread, pasta, and meat; Artie Lange was offended when Joe told him to go on a diet; gambling; Dana White has lost $1,000,000 in one night, but also won $7,000,000 another night; Dana had to leave the casino with $7,000,000 stuffed into garbage bags; does Joe feel deprived while on his diet; Joe takes Kegenix exogenous ketones; ketogenic diet compared to Atkins diet; Joe talks about how good he feels on his diet; how Joe eats with his family; more diet talk; Joe eats like a vegan, but also eats meat with the vegetables; Walt Whitman’s guide to manly health; artifacts found in Florida sinkhole could rewrite history; why men and women are the way they are; how the Maasai people deal with animals; Joe plans on going to Europe or Africa in the summer; African buffalo; hyenas; buffalo meat doesn’t taste good; Yellowstone’s bison cull; mountain lions keep the deer population under control in California; panther runs past jogging woman in Florida; man screams at bear to scare it away video; Tom’s story about a bear encounter he had; bear close encounter video; eating bear meat; McNeil river bears picture; giant Kodiak bears; short-faced bear; you have to hang your food in containers when camping around bears; dehydrated food; killing a bear with a bow and arrow; story about a guy mauled by a 500 lb. bear; bears are cannibals; Joe’s friend killed a 8.5′ bear; taking all the meat and head after killing an animal; Joe keeps the skulls of the animals he kills; Joe is going to Yellowstone; Tom talks about going to Yellowstone; Yellowstone is the same as it was 1,000 years ago; bears are eating machines; beavers; every animal has a place in nature; how do beavers know what to do; why is a pussy called a “beaver”; Joe wants to see a wolverine; Tom talks about going to Africa; Tom wants to ride a giraffe; Joe thinks giraffes are better off in captivity; giraffes are mean to each other; Tom’s cat is a killing machine; cats kill billions of animals each year; Joe has a glass fence and hawks fly into it; Joe’s friend saw a hawk fly down and grab a dove; Joe talks about losing chickens to coyotes; baby bunny gets snatched by a hawk video; what is “cute” and why do we think dangerous animals are cute; people who think school shootings are false flag attacks; guy who thinks dinosaurs and satellites are a hoax and the world is flat; the internet is devouring truth; information on the internet; direct brain-to-brain transferring of information; we will be able to read peoples’ thoughts; future of technology and our bodies; why do people look smarter wearing glasses; will Donald Trump become president; secret service agents think Hillary Clinton is a sociopathHillary Clinton laughing at Gaddafi’s death video; Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight video; everyone changes their minds over time; Donald Trump talk; all politicians are liars; Obama has changed his position on things; Joe likes Obama more than any other president; Obama’s Howard University speech; Trump was a birther; more president talk; Trump talks shit about people who don’t support him; Donald Trump was happy Ronda Rousey got knocked out; Mitt Romney talk; Trump is exciting douchebags; Ted Cruz spars with Trump supporter; we’re constantly consuming nonsense; how much power does the president actually have; Hillary Clinton email controversy; is Hillary Clinton better than Donald Trump; Megyn Kelly’s Donald Trump interview; what is bullying; who will be Donald Trump’s running mate; Chris Christie pouring a bag of M&M’s into a box of M&M’s; Jan Brewer; more political talk; Tom is optimistic about the future; no one gave a shit about bullying 20 years ago; what if Trump was bullied; people who are extreme won’t survive; Trump is looking at being president as an accomplishment; Bernie Sanders; Joe and Tom voted for Ross Perot; why Ross Perot dropped out of the election; Tom is shooting a new special; Tom is working on the Red Oaks TV show; The Grand Tour Amazon show; Tom’s podcast; people recording Tom doing stand-up; it’s a comedian’s job to crank out content.

My Thoughts: This one jumps all over the place. Talk about Woody Allen. Tom talks about his bread again, and Joe talks about his diet, hunting, animals, and meat. Talk about technology and sharing information towards the end before turning to political talk for the remainder of the podcast.

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