The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 801 with Gary Johnson

Episode Number: 801
Episode Guest: Gary Johnson
Original Airdate: May 17, 2016
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Guest Bio: Gary Johnson is the Honorary Chairman of the Our America Initiative, two-term Governor of New Mexico, and 2016 Libertarian candidate for President.

Topics Discussed: This is the strangest time in terms of politics; people don’t know about the Libertarian party or what it is; 50% of registered voters are independent; talk about getting into the debates; the game is rigged; democrats and republicans collude to exclude everyone else; people think voting independent is throwing away your vote; how voting could be changed in the future; Hillary Clinton is paying people to combat trolls; tells you who to vote for based on asking you questions; it’s okay to be a social conservative; it’s polarizing to only have two choices; when the term “libertarian” was invented; vote for who you believe in; the idea of a third-party is gaining ground; televised debates are the worst way to get your point across; Gary needs to get on the ballot in all 50 states; no one knew who Bernie Sanders was until this election; democrats grow the government; we will suffer from horrible inflation; people on welfare get cell phones; someone that can work will work; talk about what he did in New Mexico; giving people on welfare health care in New Mexico and saving 20% on the cost; Obamacare in New Mexico; talk about healthcare and Medicare; Medicaid; more talk about health care; no one knows how much their health care costs; the free market approach to health care; Colorado and legalized marijuana; taxes on marijuana in Washington state; the war on drugs is filling our prisons; the heart of black lives matter is the drug war; what could stop private prisons; prison guard unions lobby to keep marijuana illegal; private prisons are cheaper to run than public prisons; more talk about private vs. public prisons; it should be illegal to lobby against something to ensure profits grow; abolishing the federal department of education; transgender bathroom talk; the federal government shouldn’t be involved with transgender bathroom laws; transgender bathroom rules should be worked out at the lowest level; showers in Europe are unisex; kids drink earlier in Europe but start driving later; what are the hurdles of governing a state compared to governing the country; there should be term limits on the state level; Gary’s thoughts on legalizing other recreational drugs; 90% of the drug problem is prohibition-related, not user-related; drug deaths would decrease if drugs were legalized; people die from alcohol but not marijuana; crime and drunk driving has decreased in Colorado due to the legalization of marijuana; legalizing marijuana will lead to less substance abuse because it’s a safer alternative; hemp is illegal to grow but can be sold; if the marijuana plant was discovered today it would be the greatest plant ever; only Gary and Bernie Sanders want to legalize marijuana; Gary doesn’t think having a president is archaic; we don’t live in a democracy; what would Gary do to fix the current government; how would Gary minimize government; Gary would abolish homeland security; homeland security is going after massage parlors; Gary would have an open door policy after 4 PM if he was the president; waste, fraud, and abuse; military spending on helicopters; Flint water crisis; the president needs to stay in touch with the people; why does the president have to fly on Air Force One; anybody can run for president, but only four could have become president; to become president, you must be included in the polls; Obama hasn’t done what he said he would, specifically about whistleblowers; how Gary would handle whistleblowers like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden; getting rid of the NSA; Citizenfour documentary; more Snowden talk; the NSA is still collecting data and collecting data from everyone; the NSA is an executive order from Truman; Bill Binney is the original NSA whistleblower; drone attacks and civilian deaths; what Gary would do with the military to minimize negative impacts; the biggest threat in the world is North Korea; we need to work with China to unify the Koreas; we spend as much on military as all the other countries in the world combined; we go to war in other countries to prevent war from happening in the US; we need to deal with Iran because they are the largest funder of terrorism; we should have opened up free trade with Iran; we went into Iraq for oil; what could be done to minimize threats around the world; Islamic terrorism; how to appease people who are so mad at the United States; our military interventions have had unintended consequences; how does perspective change when you get into office; be transparent with the American public; the American public stopped Obama from invading Syria; why did Obama want to go into Syria; you can get into the government without being corrupted; tell the truth and own up to mistakes; no presidents do what they say they will; Gary wants to eliminate income tax, corporate tax, and the IRS, then introduce a consumption tax; Gary explains consumption tax to Joe; jobs would be created with a zero corporate tax rate; corporations donating to presidential candidates; super PACs; eliminating anonymous campaign contributions; Gary’s experience with contributions; more contribution talk; how he got elected; people always have something negative to say; the supreme court allows corporations to donate as individuals; Gary gives one last pitch to the listeners about why he should be president.

My Thoughts: Political talk the entire time. If you don’t want to hear about what Gary would do as a president, don’t listen to this. As someone who isn’t American, this was a bore to me.

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