The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 800 with Bobcat Goldthwait

Episode Number: 800
Episode Guest: Bobcat Goldthwait
Original Airdate: May 16, 2016
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Guest Bio: Bobcat Goldthwait is an actor, comedian, and filmmaker. His latest movie called Willow Creek is a found-footage horror film involving Bigfoot evidence.

Topics Discussed: Bobcat went to see where the Mothman was; Bigfoot believers; eating bear meat; Bobcat’s brother was a poacher; talk about his brother’s funeral; deer in New York state; his brother would shoot deer from the window of his house; talk about his brother and hunting; growing up with bikers; Bobcat wants Joe to be in one of his movies, about a gay Billy Jack; Then Came Bronson TV show; more stories about Bobcat’s brother; Bobcat is vegan but respects people who kill their own meat; Bobcat had a heart attack; talk about cats; Dan Flores on the MeatEater podcastCoyote America book; talk about coyotes and wolves; Joe and Bobcat don’t like acting; Bobcat’s girlfriend wants him to dominate her; choking girls during sex; fetishes develop at a young age; the combination of sex and violence; Jian Ghomeshi criminal charges; pacifists with rage issues; male feminists; angry men who associate women with pain and frustration; men will do and say anything to get a woman; when did men become feminists; pay gap between men and women; pay gap between male and female actors; The Revenant movie; bear attacks; Grizzly Man documentary; only unfuckable white men look for Bigfoot; Bobcat talks about interviewing people at the Bigfoot convention; rumor that John Landis was wearing the Bigfoot costume in the Patterson-Gimlin film; Joe and Bobcat debate the Patterson-Gimlin video; bears can walk on their hind legs; archetypal characters; Gigantopithecus; hobbits on Flores; more talk about people who see Bigfoot; people think that Bigfoot can sense cameras and travel through dimensions; Bobo from Finding Bigfoot TV show; Willow Creek movie; mountain lions; animals can recognize threats; talk about shooting Willow Creek and seeing a mountain lion; talk about filming Call Me Lucky documentary; Barry Crimmins is doing a comedy special; Bobcat is doing a documentary on the Washington Generals, a fake basketball team who would play the Harlem Globetrotters; The Simpsons ride at Universal Studios; Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios; more talk about amusement park rides; why does Bobcat believe in Bigfoot; Joe loves the Bigfoot myth and wants it to be real; why do so many people see the Mothman if there is no Mothman; eyewitness testimony is the worst form of evidence; Joe once mistook a squirrel for a wolf; your mind fills in blanks; memories can be adjusted; the Jersey Devil; talk about Les Stround and his Bigfoot experiences; blinking Bigfoot video from Les Stroud’s TV show Survivorman; there’s no evidence that Bigfoot is real; the woods in the Pacific Northwest are so dense that Bigfoot could live in there; Native Americans probably saw Gigantopithecus rather than Bigfoot; short-faced bear; Native Americans won’t hunt bears; bears eat bear cubs; Joe talks about watching a male bear fight a female bear trying to protect her cubs; bears are all over the place in Canada; moose; talk about butchering and skinning animals after killing them; people who eat meat don’t realize where meat comes from; George Bush banned news footage of coffins returning from war; war footage on TV today vs. the past; talk about the presidential race with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump; Ted Cruz’s dad is linked to the death of Lee Harvey Oswald; Ted Cruz coaches his mother through political ad shoot video; Bobcat freaks out on The Arsenio Hall Show and spray paints the set video; Bobcat doesn’t like Jay Leno and set his TV show on fire; talk about Jay Leno as a comic, selling out, and his YouTube show Jay Leno’s Garage; man who attempted to blackmail David Letterman; fake apologies; David Letterman’s confession on TV; Charlie Sheen went crazy because he found out he had HIV; we’re not used to people being honest; Bobcat wasn’t banned from The Tonight Show; it would be one of the happiest moments of Joe’s life if Bigfoot was found; man dressed in ghillie suit pretending to be Bigfoot was killed by a car; Jimmy Stewart’s wife smuggled a Yeti finger out of Nepal; Himalayan bear; more Bigfoot community talk; Joe tells the Game Show in My Head story about people lying on camera about seeing a UFO; people change when there’s a camera on them; people want to tell you their story and want to be heard; is Joe bored talking to local comedians about stand-up comedy in the green room before a show; Bobcat hates when people talk to him about Police Academy; Bobcat doesn’t like talking about stand-up comedy to people; Bobcat hates the character he created; Emo Philips; talk about Robin Williams and his misdiagnosed illness; talk about Robin Williams’ suicide and his dementia; people saying outrageous things about famous people after they die; happiness; quit doing things until you end up somewhere you want to be; talk about making movies; talk about doing Jimmy Kimmel Live!; talk about Dave Chappelle and doing Chappelle’s Show; Joe thinks Chappelle’s Show was the best sketch comedy show ever; Dave Chappelle isn’t crazy; we need to pursue being fulfilled.

My Thoughts: Talk about Mothman, Bigfoot, hunting, meat, Bobcat’s movies, and comedy.

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