The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 798 with Alison Rosen

Episode Number: 798
Episode Guest: Alison Rosen
Original Airdate: May 11, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Uber, Ting, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Alison Michelle Rosen is a podcaster, writer, and television personality. She also hosts her own podcast called Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend available for download via iTunes.

Topics Discussed: It’s her 41st birthday; maintaining your health as you age; Joe’s never been unhealthy; it’s not vain to care about your body; working out restructures how your brain functions; is it good to be hard on yourself; Joe was drunk and tried to brush his teeth with deodorant; wanting to escape; being self-aware; meditation is important; reset your thinking; falling into momentum; getting fucked over; obsessing over things; avoiding negative thinking and behavior; is it loving yourself to eat cake all day; Alison gave up carbs for a year; in vitro fertilisation; Lean Cuisine meals; Parmesan cheese is made with wood pulp; Joe’s wife likes Totino’s pizza rolls; how Joe’s family eats; Joe’s kids and sugar consumption; Joe explains to his kids why food is good; Joe tells his kids that he’s done bad things in the past; Joe treats his kids like autonomous human beings; Joe talks about problems with his childhood; kids who are forced to be adults; Joe talks about almost being molested as a child; what our grandparents’ lives were like compared to ours; Alison is trying to get pregnant via in vitro fertilisation; people in their 20’s are too young to have kids; change is accelerating due to technology; our brains can’t handle the internet; celebrities and our reward systems; reality TV stars are unexceptional; people love watching assholes; Vanderpump Rules TV show; reality shows feature manufactured drama; reality TV entertainment is observing fools; Joe knows some stars of the The Real Housewives TV shows and they’re miserable; talk about Camille Grammer; reality TV is a bizarre distortion of reality; Kevin Hart enjoys fame and is handling it well; Johnny Depp can’t go anywhere; Joe talks about seeing people react to Tom Cruise while eating with Kevin James; the origin of alien abduction memories could actually be memories of being born; circumcision is barbaric; babies can get herpes after a mohel sucks on their penises after circumcision; people were stupider 100 years ago; more talk about mohels sucking baby penises; is Joe angry about being circumcised; people regrow their foreskin; scientists develop second skin; plastic surgery and “monster face”; Fibonacci number/sequence; the ratio of a person’s face gets distorted with plastic surgery; Fibonacci sequence in nature pictures; more Botox and plastic surgery talk; Regenokine therapy; Regenokine scientist is developing a method to produce collagen; what is vanity; Alison wanted a nose job; plastic surgery is a rabbit hole; Joe knows a woman who had fat taken out of her thighs and injected into her ass; waist training; Joe’s friend left a woman’s house because she had a boxy body; Joe talks about looking at Joan Rivers‘ face on TV while he was really high; young people do Botox; girl whose face didn’t move at the Canelo/Khan post-fight press conefrence video; drooping faces after getting Botox injections; Botox can help migraines; people Botox their arms; Synthol for bodybuilders; body dysmorphic disorder; the desire to improve things; Joe saw a guy wearing a pink corset; furries; you don’t have to understand everyones’ motivations; fetishes burned into your mind at a young, impressionable age; young people today are more comfortable with the fluidity of sexuality; a guy said he knows he’s not gay because he had sex with a guy and didn’t like it; experimenting with boundaries; homosexuality and pedophilia was common a long time ago; semen warriors of Papua New Guinea; Jehovah’s Witnesses; what appeals to Joe about the brutality of nature and wildlife; our lives today are extremely filtered; we should grow our own vegetables and connect to our food; does Joe purposely desensitize himself to horrific images; knowing there is a dark side to life; some people are programmed to be bad; places in the world where it’s the apocalypse; Vice documentary Butt Naked in Libera; talk about using her podcast to help dogs get adopted; feeling overwhelmed about how terrible the earth is in places; Justin Wren talk; things could be so much worse; her visit to Paris after the terror attacks; the gift of travel makes you forget about the minutiae of your life; talk about visiting France; right wing areas of California; Alison talks about growing up in Oakland and Orange County; Irvine, California; talk about working as a journalist and playing in a band; moving to New York City; working on TV and posting clips on YouTube; how she started working with Adam Carolla and got into the podcast world; talk about getting fired from The Adam Carolla Show; Joe and Alison agree it’s hard to connect with Adam; Adam made up things about her and talked about them on his podcast; her podcast got kicked off Adam’s network; how she’s changed after being fired; how her podcast is going; she worries about talking about the Adam situation; worrying about potential criticism; the most dangerous stretch of water in the world video; Twitter trolls; people who are angry and bitter and need to take it out on someone; Alison realized a lot of brand new dads were giving her shit, possibly because they weren’t getting sex; Joe felt more compassionate towards others after having kids; people who have lived fucked up lives are the most interesting; facing adversity is important; people who live sheltered lives have no resilience; helicopter parents; how different Joe’s kids are from one another; talk about kids and genetics; Joe talks about how he raises his kids; more talk about Alison’s nose; Joe talks about someone who Photoshops pictures of a radio personality to make him balder with larger teeth and tiny hands; Joe knows a male comedian who Photoshops his pictures to make himself look better; computer technology will get so good that we don’t even need actors in movies anymore; appreciating the skills of an actor like Daniel Day-Lewis; DDL stays in character while filming a movie; Christian Bale and The Machinist movie; Robert De Niro in Raging Bull and Cape Fear; acting vs. living the role; talk about De Niro’s good and bad movies; Al Pacino and his movie rants.

My Thoughts: Talk about dieting, getting pregnant, reality TV, being famous, alien abduction, circumcision, plastic surgery, and a lot of other stuff, including animals. Lots of talk towards the end about the Adam Carolla situation.

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