The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 796 with Josh Zepps

Episode Number: 796
Episode Guest: Josh Zepps
Original Airdate: May 9, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, LegalZoom, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Josh Zepps is the host of #WeThePeople LIVE available on iTunes and at

Topics Discussed: Telling people you’re unemployed; you’re not allowed to take on an accent when you live somewhere else; actors and accents; New Zealand and Australia; why is Mel Gibson crazy; Mel Gibson needs help from Danny Glover; Garry Shandling; Facebook represses conservative news from your news feed; Justin Beiber “beliebers” on Twitter; Justin Beiber’s face tattoo; rapper Stitches; Gucci Mane’s tattoos; how Facebook determines what to show you in your news feed; conservatives think liberals are out of touch with reality; John Ashcroft covers partially nude statues; Dick Cheney; Paul Wolfowitz; forcing change at home and abroad; 9/11 conspiracy talk; Operation Northwoods; there were plans for a false flag attack to get into Iran; national anthems; chart of deaths from war; Villers-Bretonneaux; we’re so soft today; middle America is excited about Donald Trump; Elizabeth Warren pretended to be Native American; Romanian hacker who hacked Hillary Clinton’s home email server; Hillary Clinton paying trolls to attack people online; Donald Trump’s idea for the wall; Donald Trump wants ban on Muslims; immigration to Australia; Australia is awesome; Canada is cold; it’s easier to live in the cold than the hot; swimming in frozen lakes; saunas; heat shock proteins; Wim Hof; White Privilege Conference; saying the “N” word; reclaiming oppressive words; human beings love to be in tribes; annoying, goofy white dudes are into Donald Trump; Australia doesn’t have gay marriage; who is trying to keep gay marriage illegal; Mr. Hands; Zoo documentary; man faces new charges for sex with animals; why are people attracted to children; are people sexually attracted to children or is it psychological; is it unethical or morally wrong to give a horse a blowjob; Joe explains the Mr. Hands horse sex video to Josh; Josh talks about his podcast; Joe shows the Mr. Hands horse sex video to Josh; Joe thinks that through Mr. Hands’ death, millions of people will experience happiness; man rides hoverboard on the edge of a skyscraper video; Oklahoma case where oral sex isn’t rape when the girl is passed out drunk; the idea that all drunk sex is rape/not consensual sex; talk about the differences between sex with a drunk girl and forcing a girl to have sex with you at knife point; people calling themselves a “survivor” rather than a “victim”; African elephants could be extinct in 20 years; Joe talks again about Africa and trophy hunting; Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday documentary; Joe talks about poachers in Africa; Donald Trump’s sons’ African game hunting photos; half of Americans are on the poverty line; 47% of Americans couldn’t come up with $400 if they needed it; how much of crime comes down to money; giving Americans a basic income; would Americans still work if they got a basic income of $10,000+; there will be fewer jobs for people when robots become more advanced; people want handmade things; more talk about universal basic income; Ask Jeeves; more universal basic income talk; talk about institutional racism in Baltimore; most desperately poor people will use money for good things if it’s given to them; people aren’t born on a level playing field; if we make less losers, there will be more winners; America is spending its money on the military, medicare, and social security; foreign aid spending; Australia tax returns show where their tax money goes; taxes are purposely made difficult for people to file; if you’re anti-tax, you should be pro-transparency; transphobic talk; talk about North Carolina’s bathroom bill; we should be concerned with heterosexual people pretending to be trans to go in the bathroom of the opposite sex; Stephen Fry quitting Twitter; Joe doesn’t know what a pram is; man arrested for racial hatred after asking Muslim women about the Brussels attacks; comedian Mike Ward’s controversial comedy bit about a disabled boy; Canadian comic sued after talking about lesbian heckler; scientists have developed a second skin to make people look younger; Line-X polymer coating on cinder block video; Line-X polymer coating on plastic cup can withstand a sumo wrestler video; uniting human intelligence with artificial intelligence; discovering alien communications; one day we will accept artificial intelligence as a life form; talk about meat and artificial meat; Computer Go; there will be self-aware computers in our lifetime; will artificial intelligence become Twitter trolls; Ex Machina movie; Black Mirror TV show.

My Thoughts: This podcast was a chore to get through. It literally took me days and multiple listens to finish. It’s a little disturbing that not only does Joe show the Mr. Hands horse sex video to Josh, but he has it saved on his computer.

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