The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 793 with Whitney Cummings

Episode Number: 793
Episode Guest: Whitney Cummings
Original Airdate: May 4, 2016
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Guest Bio: Whitney Cummings is a stand-up comedian and actress. She is best known as the creator and star of the NBC sitcom Whitney, as well as the co-creator of the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

Topics Discussed: Her visit to Vietnam for Operation Smile; realizing she didn’t like the person she was becoming; getting sick of herself; being around people who don’t speak English; wanting to hang out with people who have real problems; she doesn’t want to sleepwalk through life; insomnia; she turned her phone screen black and white due to her phone addiction; turning your phone screen black and white makes you less addicted to it; getting sucked into things on your phone; she feels like a caretaker of her parents; focusing on things you’re interested in; you don’t have to respond to everyone; Japanese culture and respect for their elders; the culture of shame in Japan; Apple and Foxconn suicides; It’s a Girl! documentary; repeating patterns of behavior; white people who think Vietnam is amazing; cleft lips and palates; Joe’s surgeries; Joe broke his nose when he was five; helicopter parents; jungle gyms; The Continuum Concept book; parents ignore their kids and use their phones instead; doing stand-up comedy at universities; bad audiences; story about giving away tickets to her show; people don’t respect you when you give something away for free; she gave tickets to someone and got heckled by him; La Jolla; stories about being a female comedian and dealing with rude men; male comedians who think they can tame her; comedians who don’t want other comedians to do well; comedians who bring worse comedians on the road with them; navigating the landmines of fame; taking care of her parents; taking care of war vets; UFC: Fight for the Troops; US military veteran suicides; military drone pilots; Navy SEALs and Army Rangers commit suicide less; Sapiens book; adrenaline addiction; humans don’t deserve to be at the top of the food chain; we are vulnerable to animals; Whitney has an extra bone in her foot; talk about feet; it’s comforting to behave in patterns; people are nicer in small towns; Joe talks about living in Boulder, Colorado; there are too many people in California; Tokyo and talk about Japanese culture; Joe shows Whitney his samurai sword; what it feels like to stab someone; bone marrow; what caused the doubling of the brain size in humans; aquatic ape theory; webbed toes; fingers getting wrinkly in the water; CrossFit; Steve Maxwell doesn’t think CrossFit is beneficial; vegans; flat earth believers; religion talk; people who want to exert control over others; dreadlocks and cultural appropriation; people love to be offended and sanctimonious; people get offended if you don’t share their beliefs; biotech company granted permission to use stem cells to reactivate the brains of the dead; Re-Animator movie; brain injury and boxing; Italian sport that combines rugby and bare-knuckle boxing; talk about the sport Calcio Fiorentino; yoga; Brazilian jiu-jitsu; kickboxing; she talks about breaking her shoulder; you can only prevent injuries by making your body strong; hypermobility; kettlebell training; people who are allergic to spermicide; women who are allergic to sperm; Whitney talks about freezing her eggs; “A Semen Allergy Ruined My Marriage” article; Whitney has to shoot a sex scene; a friend of Joe’s shot a sex scene and the actress told Joe’s friend he could have sex with her; guys are into crying girls; girls using a sexy voice; voice archetypes; stereotype that women are crazy and guys are dumb; talk about freezing embryos; freezing humans; Kate Plus 8 TV show; more talk about freezing her eggs; adopting a child; Joe talks about a gay couple he knows who had a surrogate keep the child she was carrying for them; sex is a biological trick for reproduction; Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow book; guys think more clearly after jerking off; Whitney asks Joe who she should date; needy girls; Whitney says she’s done being crazy; you need to fix your problems; chasing after people; following people on social media and seeing what they’re up to; trying to be funny around people; after hitting someone with her car while texting and driving, she now drives with her phone in the backseat; people love to be sick and brag about it; Louis CK’s bit about being white and going back in time; Joe talks about being soaking wet while hunting in Alaska; wool keeps you warm even when you’re wet; appreciating your life after experiencing misery; Whitney talks about Vietnam; air quality in Asia; electric car batteries are made with conflict minerals; Afghanistan and lithium; the Vietnam war and heroin; electric cars aren’t as green as people think; the hierarchy of what we allow to be killed; insect protein; Joe ate crickets in Mexico; if you have a shellfish allergy you’re also allergic to roaches; Exo cricket protein bars; more talk about eating bugs; diseases caused by bugs; Yellowstone’s reintroduction of wolves debunked; Joe goes off about wolves and coyotes; “Bison Ecology and Bison Diplomacy” article; more wolves/coyotes talk; Whitney had coyotes in her backyard; coyotes kill dogs; George Monbiot; herds of elk; Whitney saw a moose; moose can kill bears; 15% of wolves get killed by moose; mammals in colder climates are larger; California mountain lion killed a koala bear; wolves kill dogs to eliminate predators; cats kill billions of birds and mammals each year; Tippi Hedren regrets living with a lion; Africa, lions, and high fence operations; talk about animal conservation and hunting in Africa; poachers are desperate people who need money; Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday documentary; Zimbabwe to cull 200 lions; “In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions” article; talk about killing a lion; shooting guns is hard; target panic; bowhunters talk shit to each other to train for anxiety; pool sharking; when comedy club crowds are bad; bad comedy club talk; Whitney talks about dying her hair so she wouldn’t be recognized.

My Thoughts: Talk about hating herself and taking a trip to Vietnam. Talk about being a female comedian. Then it bounces ALL over the place. Devolves into talk about wolves, coyotes, wild animals, and hunting for 45 minutes before turning back to comedy for the last 10 minutes.

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