The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 791 with Steve Schirripa

Episode Number: 791
Episode Guest: Steve Schirripa
Original Airdate: April 26, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Viralstyle,, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Steve Schirripa is an actor, producer, author, and voice artist, best known for portraying Bobby Baccalieri on The Sopranos.

Topics Discussed: Steve has a flip phone; watching Steve become an actor; Riviera casino closing; female impersonator Frank Marino; Crazy Girls show; his start at the Riviera; watching Frank Sinatra every night and seeing his decline; talk about mob guys; working as a bouncer at a mob wedding; Anthony Spilotro; there were no night clubs in Vegas casinos when he started; talk about seeing celebrities in Vegas and how much they tip; Bill Cosby‘s reputation back then; Tiger Woods is the worst tipper; tipping people; athletes are bad tippers because of ego; Ben Affleck left a $5,000 tip and Jennifer Lopez took $4,500 of it back; how Steve Wynn changed tipping in Las Vegas; The Laugh Factory in Vegas; Andrew Dice Clay acting/comedy talk; ethnic humor; black people can make fun of white people, but not the other way around; people saying nasty things and getting angry online; Curt Schilling fired from ESPN for offensive social media post about transgender bathrooms; talk about a transgender person in Vegas who showed Joey Diaz her Vagina; more transgender bathroom talk; 52-year-old father identifies as a six-year-old girl; plastic surgery; body dysmorphia; the “it is what it is” attitude; Steve’s weight gain; make-up on television; Blue Bloods TV show; talk about working on the show; Steve lives in New York; Bill de Blasio; talk about New York; how New York has changed; New York real estate is so expensive; NY comedy club audiences; NY comedy club talk; Joe talks about living in New York; Bill de Blasio has ruined the city; Al Sharpton; Jesse Jackson; Al Sharpton is a hustler; Joe heckled Al Sharpton; talk about moving to Montana; Steve’s line of Uncle Steve’s pasta sauce; how he got into making spaghetti sauce; Frank McKlusky, C.I. movie; Dave Sheridan; people like telling others what to do; “fuck you” money; acting isn’t hard; Steve works with an acting coach; Steve acting and booking the Riviera; James Gandolfini talk; shooting The Sopranos; not  being allowed to ad lib; actors don’t want to admit they work with an acting coach; comedians who work with writers; Kevin Hart has writers; Bob Hope had a team of writers; Richard Pryor and Chris Rock had/have comedy writers; writers can help you with your material; Joe and Steve don’t like doing talk shows; the late-night talk show is dying; James Corden and carpool karaoke; Robert De Niro is weird, is bad on talk shows, and does crappy movies; Al Pacino does shitty movies for the money; American Hustle movie; Val Kilmer talk; The Ghost and the Darkness movie; Val Kilmer made $100,000 signing autographs at a fan convention; making people pay for signatures; Joe signing autographs; people who ask for stacks of signatures; guy who had a fake signed NewsRadio script; a restaurant has a fake autograph of Steve’s; Steve had to wear a fat suit with a fake ass on The Sopranos; fake mob guys; fake Italian guys; The Sopranos was so good it almost killed the mob genre; talk about mob movies and TV shows; talk about The Sopranos; The Sopranos had the first anti-hero on TV; the first episode of The Sopranos was like a slapstick comedy; talk about shooting The Sopranos; actors who become the characters they portrayed; the death of characters on The Sopranos; HBO paid good money; talk about Gandolfini; shooting a fight scene; Joe did a fight scene but really punched the actor; eating for real in movies; continuity errors with eating in movies and TV; people who don’t smoke who have to smoke in TV/movies; actors pretending to play music; fight scenes in movies; Rocky had shitty boxing scenes; Raging Bull had good fight scenes; The Boxer movie fight scenes; Daniel Day-Lewis stays in character; talk about method actors; actors who always play the same character; Christopher Walken; Kevin Spacey’s Christopher Walken impression; House of Cards Netflix show; Netflix can do anything; Bill Burr‘s F is for Family; Bill Burr makes pies.

My Thoughts: Short podcast. Lots of talk about The Sopranos and other TV shows and movies. Some talk about him working in Las Vegas, New York, and becoming an actor.

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