The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 790 with Steve Maxwell

Episode Number: 790
Episode Guest: Steve Maxwell
Original Airdate: April 25, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Blue Apron, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Steve Maxwell is an American fitness coach, physical educator, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor. He was named one of the top 100 trainers in the USA by Men’s Journal.

Topics Discussed: Steve lives out of a backpack; Tom Bihn bags; First Lite wool clothing; Joe carries his kettlebell while travelling in a bowling ball bag; (Steve shows off some of his portable exercise gear); Animated Knots app; isometric exercise; Alexander Zass; old time bodybuilders; The Mystery of the Iron Samson: The Life and Training of Strongman Alexander Zass book; Martin “Farmer” Burns; catch wrestling; talk about chokes in MMA; Bruce Lee‘s MMA moves in his movies; Bruce Lee was the original mixed martial artist; training BJJ in the gi; story about Joe’s friend who got in a street fight with a martial artist; Steve got in street fights and had to use his martial arts skills; treating running as a martial art; sprints; people who run marathons have lower life expectancies; theory that there could only be a certain amount of heart beats; Steve tries to get Joe to go to one of his Jiu Jitsu for a Lifetime training camps; getting eaten by a shark; shark at Sunset Beach in California; great white shark devours a seal at Alcatraz; whales can kill sharks; Nick Diaz and Jack LaLanne would swim from Alcatraz Island; learning from older men rather than young guys; Jack LaLanne pulling 70 boats on his 70th birthday video; Helio Gracie talk; Rickson Gracie; training in bad positions; Joe talks about first training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Vitor Belfort was once called Victor Gracie; guys who take on the Gracie name; Carlson Gracie; Steve talks about learning BJJ from the Gracies; Royce Gracie; Royler Gracie; Carlson Gracie; importance of joint mobility; importance of tapping early and often when training BJJ; 10 lbs. of weight and 10 years less in age is like someone having another belt; more talk about training BJJ; learn BJJ from a smaller person; guys want to know self-defense; no gi grappling contests like the Eddie Bravo Invitational; EBI talk; problems with other BJJ tournaments; wrestling was once the most popular sport; there’s no professional avenue for wrestling; wrestling around the world; oil wrestling; homophobia in the Islamic culture; more oil wrestling talk; Radiolab “American Football” podcast about the origins of football; young men want to dominate other young men; injuries in the early days of football; the helmet became a weapon in football; Concussion movie; helmet and concussion talk; Zero1 football helmet; combat sports and gloves; combat sports would be safer if fighters fought bare-knuckle; what MMA would be like if there were no gloves; Tank Abbott was the first UFC fighter to wear gloves; Century gloves; 12-6 elbows; Olympic boxing has no headgear; fighting in headgear is less safe than fighting without; more bare-knuckle fighting talk; sharing of information online about BJJ; fighting in ancient times; Mike Tyson would beat any boxers from the past; Ip Man 3 movie with Tyson; kicking technique in MMA; Joe teaching Georges St-Pierre a turning side kick; Joe was terrified of brain damage when he was younger and competing; fighters who are punch drunk; it’s important to use your body all the time; older people need to exercise daily; Steve’s shoulder issues; Shoulder Pain? The Solution and Prevention book; brachial hangs; Joe’s shoulder issues; talk about Steve travelling the world and living out of a bag; Steve sold his camper van online; Steve makes his living from the internet; Steve was one of the first American BJJ black belts; Gracie University; training BJJ over the internet; Steve gives people BJJ belts; talk about BJJ and belts; you never stop learning BJJ; Jean Jacques Machado; basic isn’t bad in BJJ; being tall and long is an advantage in BJJ; why Steve wants to move to Maui; Astrologer Robert Koch; The Secret book; Steve talks about “vibrations” in Maui; Steve feels the mood of the places he visits; the power of positive thinking; the collective consciousness; surround yourself with positive people; stress; the importance of sleep; Robert Koch created his own type of astrology; Steve talks about things the astrologer told him; tarot card readers are bullshit but Steve believes this astrologer; Joe questions the astrologer and Steve tries to explain why he believes him; some guy was testing the vibrations of hairs; auras; Kirlian photography; placebo effect and pain management; what is real and what is “woo-woo“; Joe questions the things the astrologer is telling Steve and tells him it’s bullshit; no one can tell you where the energy of the world is; Steve talks more about the astrologer and Joe tells him it’s bullshit; Joe starts to get a little frustrated/angry and tells Steve the things the astrologer is telling him is complete bullshit; Joe equates the astrologer to tarot card and palm readers; people with good educations can still be charlatans, much like Dr. Oz; how does Steve eat healthy food while on the road; Steve thinks the power of thought can override the negative health effects of cigarette smoke or eating bad food; Steve’s girlfriend got her food confiscated at the airport; Johnny Depp and Amber Heard video apology for illegally bringing dogs to Australia; Steve talks about going through security at airports around the world; LifeStraw straw with water filter; Steve will do any seminar or class around the world; Steve was arrested in Switzerland; more airport security talk; Steve talks about putting down roots in Maui; wooden Indian clubs; kettlebells came from Germany; how would Steve set up his home gym; weightlifting talk; your training should prevent injuries; Joe thinks strength training improves martial arts and wrestling skills despite what Steve says; Steve thinks deadlifts help improve sprints; boxers would try to strengthen their jaws to prevent knockouts; Steve would lift things with his teeth; neck harnesses; neck isometrics; neck exercises; long negatives; Pavel Tsatsouline; 1973 Miami Dolphins; more weightlifting and sports training talk; grip strength; Captains of Crush hand grippers; rope climbing; pull-ups; scapular retraction; super-slow, high-tension sets; push-ups; comics are unhealthy; taking care of your body isn’t vanity; Anthony Bourdain is addicted to BJJ; bodyweight squats; bodyweight squats; Hindu push-ups; CrossFit chin-ups; not training because you’re injured; Jackie Chan using an ab roller; reverse hyper machines; back extension bench; Steve’s back issues; more back exercise talk; spinal decompression; inversion therapy table; Airdyne exercise bikes; Steve’s isometric video.

My Thoughts: Lots of BJJ talk and talk about the many Gracies. Wrestling talk. MMA and bare-knuckle fighting talk. Steve goes off the deep end about half way through and starts talking about astrology, auras, energy, and other such bullshit. Joe questions this astrologer and shoots down the things Steve talks about. Joe then steers the conversation away from that woo-woo and they then go on to talk about airport security, exercise, and weightlifting for the remainder of the podcast.

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