The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 789 with Dan Auerbach

Episode Number: 789
Episode Guest: Dan Auerbach
Original Airdate: April 21, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Boll and Branch, Onnit

Guest Bio: Dan Auerbach is a musician and record producer best known as the guitarist and vocalist for The Black Keys.

Topics Discussed: Pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes; Willie Nelson arrested for drug possession in Texas; the death of Prince; Prince and Minneapolis; we will all die so be nice and be thankful; more Prince talk; artists who get more love after they die; Michael Jackson; Bill Hicks; people film everything these days; you can’t practice stand-up or music privately anymore; cell phones at concerts; life with cell phones and would it be better without them; information addiction; thinking people are full of shit; going to parties; staying at the Chateau Marmont Hotel; feeling the history and past of a building; Muscle Shoals Sound Studio; Rupert Sheldrake thinks there’s memory in everything; Dan has Mississippi Fred McDowell‘s guitar; magical inanimate objects; sacred objects and belief; The Black Keys and creating music; music and art grows with you; hearing the right song at the right time; Dan’s history with music; Dan’s grandma’s death and playing music at her grave; Dan’s life is girls and music; digital music and streaming music; Spotify and other streaming services don’t pay enough to the artists; how streaming services pay artists; major record labels own portions of streaming services; artists shouldn’t put their music on streaming services; artists get taken advantage of; Courtney Love’s letter to musicians about the music industry and record labels; Dan’s last job was in a record store; record store talk; sommeliers are respected but people who know a lot about music are not; you can’t teach knowledge about music; Dr. John; recording music in the past; musicians getting their starts and growing their popularity online; The Arcs; Dan’s music writing and recording process; Dan doesn’t think of writing music as work; Nashville and the current state of its music industry; Nashville is mecca for country music; country music’s resurgence; country fans buy more physical copies of music than other genres; portable CD players; car record players; old cars; Tesla touchscreens in cars; Detroit man dies masturbating and watching porn while driving; Dan drives an old van and a BMW X5; Neil Young and bio-diesel; Neil Young’s sound system on his lake; Joe talks about working security for a Neil Young show at Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts; Ohio and its arts and culture; diaper-wearing astronaut charged with attempted murder; man who broke into the White House with a car full of weapons and ammunition only received 18 months in jail; NYPD officer shot a man and had conviction reduced; talk about police officers; former Baltimore police officer Michael Wood, Jr. wants to be Chicago’s police chief; Chicago violence; people shouldn’t be locked up for non-violent drug crimes; Pennsylvania judge and the “cash for kids” scandal; bear wrestles dog video; Mike Tyson; Charlie Murphy’s story about going to Mike Tyson’s house and not getting out of a car because of a lion or tiger; fighters and aggressive animals; pit bulls; Joe’s pit bull Lucy; Joe’s mastiff dog; Labrador retrievers; more Nashville talk; more talk about The Arcs; dealing with the legal issues of a band; having songs ripped off; what’s Coachella like; Stagecoach Festival; playing festivals pays better than playing a concert; South by Southwest; playing major cities; Dan enjoys travel less and less; music is inspirational; the business side of music is bullshit; music touches him like nothing else; his connection to family; music is a part of his life; Italian horns/cornicellos; Dan boxes for fun; sparring and brain damage; jet skiing can give you concussions from the bouncing on waves; fighting would be safer without gloves; watching boxers train; Manny Pacquiao; Timothy Bradley; Terence Crawford; more boxing talk; Gennady Golovkin; Bernard Hopkins; the best fight the best in MMA but not boxing; there are too many belts in boxing; boxers lose their appeal after losing; more boxing talk; Floyd Mayweather, Jr.; Manny Pacquiao’s shoulder excuse after Mayweather fight; Manny Pacquiao says gay people are “worse than animals”; Manny plays great pool; some of the best pool players are from the Philippines; other countries that embrace American rock ‘n’ roll; Tame Impala; how do bands get noticed today; Dan had a gospel singer record with him; old blues music; John Lee Hooker; T-Model Ford; how to get your best stuff out there; not overthinking things.

My Thoughts: Lots of talk about the music industry and being a musician. Lots of boxing talk towards the end.

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