The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 787 with Eddie Huang

Episode Number: 787
Episode Guest: Eddie Huang
Original Airdate: April 19, 2016
Episode Sponsors:,, LegalZoom, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Eddie Huang is a restaurateur, food personality, sandwich hack, and former lawyer. Check out his new show Huang’s World on Viceland, and his new book Double Cup Love releasing on May 31, 2016.

Topics Discussed: Eddie’s nautical shirt; fishing talk; fishing with an outboard motor on a canoe; catch and release fishing; Joe talks about salmon fishing in Alaska; more fishing talk; California drought; birds eat anything; how he likes the west coast; Eddie loves haters; hate in YouTube comments; private Instagram accounts; Facebook; social media comments; Eddie’s ketogenic diet; almond milk and sugar; NBADL; New York Knicks; Eddie plays basketball for fun; lifting weights can mess with fine motor skill activities; Molly Boys basketball jerseys; Molly Ringwald; Eddie can cook delicious food but has to eat healthy food; more ketogenic diet talk; exogenous ketones; there aren’t any bodegas in Los Angeles; late-night restaurants; Thai coffee; agave; Eddie’s exercise routine; kettlebells; Pavel Tsatsouline on Tim Ferriss’ podcast; Jiro Dreams of Sushi documentary; Sicily and seafood; minimalism; Eddie’s new Viceland show Huang’s World; making his show; getting people to believe in you; shooting the TV show and being honest; places he visited to shoot the show; Juarez, Mexico; Mexico wasn’t always violent; Chicago, Illinois; Joe talks about staying at a resort in Mexico; the border is an artificial line; most Mexicans are hard-working and friendly; we need more transparency; the rich need to get better at sharing; stockpiling wealth; Eddie thinks there should be a salary cap on the world; accumulating wealth; doing good with money; building a better structure for social services; people are stuck in money; Joe talks about not having to worry about his bills for the first time; giving people a baseline salary; people need incentive to work; you can go to jail for not paying your parking tickets; paying for parking; the government should help to rebuild our cities and solve their problems; we need to make less losers; Eddie talks about his friend who grew up with no hope; learning from people who fail; Joe’s parents told him the wrong things; (Eddie goes to the bathroom); Conor McGregor Tweets that he’s going to retire; Conor’s friend died after an MMA fight in Ireland; Eddie’s weight loss; Eddie wouldn’t want to be shredded; Eddie is pre-diabetic; discipline is important; eating whole foods; The Primal Blueprint diet; everything in moderation, including moderation; talk about alcohol and alcoholics; drunk girls; Bryan Callen tried to fix girls; avoiding your problems; minimum wage being raised to $15/hour in New York; marijuana should be legalized around the world; Colorado’s marijuana taxes and money made; Ted Cruz defended a ban on dildos; anyone who wants to run the country is a crazy person; America is the best place on the planet; talk about The Panama Papers; Olde English 800 malt liquor; talk about Los Angeles traffic; “dry snitching” definition; D’Angelo Russell recorded Nick Young talking about being with women other than his fiancee, Iggy Azalea; a friend is supposed to keep secrets; guys who can’t fuck hot girls are mad at them; hot girls get more hate than anyone; Kobe Bryant threw Nick Young’s shoes in the garbage; “chili pimp” definition; “sapiosexual” definition; people who post things about love on social media; people who like brunch; cultural appropriation; Rick Bayless, cultural appropriation, and cooking another culture’s food; food writers and critics only write about white people; Eddie and Joe debate about food and cultural appropriation; Eddie talks about visiting an American food restaurant in China; dealing with douchey journalists; Yelp reviews; Eddie likes criticism and wants the hate; Eddie’s favorite thing is writing books, screenplays, etc.; Eddie’s book Double Cup Love; writing on a computer; Final Draft app; WriteRoom app; listening to music while writing; writing on an airplane; Scrivener app; Joe’s writing; reading peoples’ blogs; you can’t unshare things posted on the internet; kids today and the internet; black woman harasses white kid about his dreadlocks and cultural appropriation; intention; more Rick Bayless talk; more cultural appropriation talk; lying about where you’re from; Rachel Dolezal; learning from other peoples’ mistakes; you don’t have to pretend; be who you are; namedropping; wise men learn from fools; planet 9; Zecharia Sitchin, the Anunnaki, and Nibiru; double helix and Caduceus; Marduk and Tiamat; Avatar movie; knowledge of the solar system 6,000 years ago; it’s better to be at the top of the food chain; the presidential candidates and the debates; Michael Bloomberg; the president is a puppet; would a human fuck an Anunnaki; eliminating stupidity.

My Thoughts: Talk about fishing, food, Eddie’s show, cultural appropriation, writing, and the Anunnaki. Joe very briefly talks about Conor McGregor’s retirement half-way through the podcast.

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