The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 785 with Dom Irrera

Episode Number: 785
Episode Guest: Dom Irrera
Original Airdate: April 13, 2016
Episode Sponsors: ZipRecruiter, Uber, Ting, Onnit

Guest Bio: Dom Irrera is a stand-up comedian, and also hosts his own podcast called Dom Irrera Live from The Laugh Factory.

Topics Discussed: Joe is jittery from smoking a cigar with Redban; people look down on marijuana smokers but not cigar smokers; Dom gets more of a buzz from coffee than Xanax; Dom’s anxiety; hangovers; drinking; taking an Uber; Uber vs. taxi cabs; gypsy cab driver murders in New York; Joe doesn’t miss New York; talk about New York and Los Angeles; people being embarrassed to say they’re struggling actors; auditioning and acting; saying “good to see you” rather than “nice to meet you”; saying “I have a lot of irons in the fire”; Joe is too busy to do any movies; Joe’s generation is better at the internet that Dom’s; Dane Cook‘s social media presence; doing Joe’s podcast is better than doing all the late night talk shows on television; late night talk shows; Richard Jeni; Dom and Richard Jeni were competing with each other; Richard Jeni didn’t enjoy stand-up comedy; comedy isn’t fun if you’re not friends with other comedians; Dom talks about going to the Batman movie premiere; Prince; Kobe Bryant; extreme winners; chimpanzees are extremely jealous; Joe’s grandma had a monkey; story about a chimp attack; Dom held a baby gorilla; how much gorillas weigh; comedians are stupid; Jupiter asteroid impact; corporate stand-up comedy gigs; story about Bryan Callen bombing after having to perform a clean, PG stand-up comedy set for the Tim Tebow Foundation; talk about Bryan Callen‘s comedy; Joey Diaz talk; Ari Shaffir‘s popularity; Jewish is a race but also a religion; performing in Ireland; Joe was talking to an Irish guy and couldn’t understand him; Trainspotting movie; subtitles for people speaking English; Top Gear TV show; Jeremy Clarkson; Matt LeBlanc joins new Top Gear TV show; Chris Harris on Cars YouTube channel; Top Gear US TV show; Matt LeBlanc and Joe dated the same girl and grew up in the same place; Jonathan Katz; Garry Shandling; writing material; The Laugh Factory; Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club; Dom talks about seeing Georges St-Pierre fight; UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holm; Australia; Joe’s thinking about going on safari in Africa; Dom fed kangaroos in Australia and had to punch one; dinosaurs had feathers; Tyrannosaurus Rex model with feathers; terror birds; asteroid that killed the dinosaurs; how long until people don’t write things anymore; they don’t teach cursive writing anymore; alligators; guy caught an alligator while trying to catch catfish video; crocodiles; “Kayakers Recount Deadly Congo Crocodile Attack” article; Zimbabwe has to cull lions; there are 1.5 million car accidents involving deer; talk about deer hitting cars and injuring people; it’s important to kill deer; hunters catch giant alligator that was killing cows; crocodiles are reptiles; all apes are monkeys but not all monkeys are apes; Steve Schirripa; performing in New York; New York comedy clubs; New York comedy scene; getting asked by young comics how to make it; giving advice to young comics; bad managers; Kevin James‘ manager told him to stay fat; talk and stories about Kevin James; bad managers hold people back; more Steve Schirripa talk; fishing in Long Island; having patience for the things you love; fish; guy on Instagram who bragged that he was 90% vegetarian; Joe thinks Dom should go fishing; restaurants where you cook your own food; Why Cook?; Dom doesn’t cook; Joe loves to cook; Joe talks about his Primal Blueprint ketogenic diet; restaurant food; high cholesterol; Steve Harvey does his radio show while exercising; Joe is having more fun now than ever before; Dom was showing off while performing in front of Jim Carrey; Christina Pazsitzky; Your Mom’s House Podcast; Joe talks about meeting Tom Segura; not wanting to follow certain comedians; not being judged for your age; comedians who don’t evolve; George Carlin; Rodney Dangerfield; Dom talks about auditioning for Rodney; auditioning for The Comedy Store; Eddie Griffin; bumping comedians; Carlos Mencia; Redban saw someone do one of Dom’s jokes; Xanax talk; how many loads of semen does Dom have left; saving up your saliva; Joe talks about losing his faith in religion; realizing that you will die one day; not enjoying life because you’re worried about death; Joe is having more fun than ever before; the staff at The Comedy Store; The Comedy Store talk; Joe gets emotional talking about Ari shooting his special and Joe returning to The Comedy Store; Los Angeles comedy scene talk; ’80s comedy scene talk; the goal of a comedian today; being creative; Facebook; dick pics; when was the first dick pic; 2,500-year-old erotic grafitti; what if dicks evolved over time; elephants eating with their trunk; Ari Shaffir’s religious past; comedy brings different people together; comedians from Joe’s generation are very manly; Muslim comedians; Yakov Smirnoff; Branson, Missouri; strict behavior and religion; Las Vegas restaurants; Sight and Sound in Branson, Missouri; Tom Cruise is moving to L. Ron Hubbard’s former estate; Edge of Tomorrow movie; Tom Cruise’s interview with Matt Lauer video; Matt Lauer wanted to wrestle Tom Cruise; Tom Cruise does his own stunts; The Outsiders movie; Edge of Tomorrow movie; Dom is going to Australia.

My Thoughts: A podcast with Dom Irrera is always worth listening to. Lots of comedy talk, as usual.

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