The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 784 with Brian Redban

Episode Number: 784
Episode Guest: Brian Redban
Original Airdate: April 13, 2016
Episode Sponsors: LegalZoom, MVMT Watches, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Brian Redban is a stand-up comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Check out his newest podcast called What Brian Redban Do at and on iTunes

Topics Discussed: Joe’s old girlfriend made him throw out a Whitesnake cassette; release of compact discs; Joe talks about his relationship with an old girlfriend; girls mature quicker than guys; egos; most women haven’t been in a fight; girls who like to get slapped or choked; girls who want you to call them “daddy”; gas station boner pills; Joe is going to send off Brian’s boner pills to be tested to see what’s in them; Brian talks about his swollen dick after taking Black Stallion boner pills; buying medication from Canadian online pharmacies; Rhino male enhancement pills; gas station boner pills have generic Viagra in them; sildenafil; more boner pill talk; rhinos are killed for their horns; animal horns aren’t being painted pink to prevent death for horns; “Viagra, Cialis or Powdered Rhino Horn: Which is Most Effective for Erectile Dysfunction” article; supplements are tainted when they’re manufactured; “Vietnam’s Appetite for Rhino Horn Drives Poaching in Africa” article; (Joe and Brian try to smoke a Cuban cigar); chewing tobacco; psychoactive properties of tobacco; cigarettes and benefits of nicotine; Eddie Bravo smokes a cigarette occasionally; Joe thinks about smoking a cigarette or a cigar before performing stand-up comedy; half weed/half tobacco joints; Charlie Murphy; Bertrand Russell on smoking video; lying before the internet; Bertrand Russell plane crash; Bryan Callen and Joe Rogan aren’t brothers; Wikipedia says Joe has Chron’s disease; rumor that Joe choked a mountain lion; Carl Akeley killed a leopard with his bare hands; trying to give a cat a bath; cats can’t clean their assholes; near annihilation of buffalo in America; Native Americans and European diseases; Native Americans didn’t ride horses until the Europeans came over; Bison Ecology and Bison Diplomacy PDF; horrible things Christopher Columbus did; Chris Montano, Jr. photography; Gene Simmons thinks NWA shouldn’t be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; more talk about Chris Montano, Jr.’s wildlife photography; National Geographic Instagram; Joe talks about the John Dudley podcast; New Zealand wildlife; Aoshima, Japan’s cat island; radioactive boars in Fukushima; what makes triplets; Jon and Kate Plus Eight TV show; fertility drugs and in vitro fertilisation; crucifixion; History on Fire podcast on crucifixion; article about man being hunted by drones; flying chainsaw drone; new Doom video game trailer; Joe wants to setup a Doom LAN party with Alienware computers; Lenovo ThinkPads; laptops and cell phones with removable batteries; portable battery packs; laptop and cell phone talk; Apple iPad Pro; Bluetooth speakers; listening to songs while warming up; C+C Music FactoryAlegre “Truby Trio” song; X-Alfonso, Joey Diaz’s cousins; man has 18-inch vegetable root removed from his ass; Brian put suntan lotion on his dick and it turned black; Woody Allen’s stand-up comedy; “Woody Allen on Comedy” album; Woody Allen’s “Standup Comic” album; Woody Allen “Wild Man Blues” documentary; Woody Allen’s relationship with his adopted daughter Soon-Yi; Ted Nugent adopted a girl and had sex with her; Kobe Bryant; Jeremy Lin; Facebook’s 360-degree camera; The Lawnmower Man movie; Jeff Fahey; Seann William Scott.

My Thoughts: Lots of boner pill talk. Talk about smoking, animals, technology, and Woody Allen. Nice quick episode.

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