The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 783 with John Dudley

Episode Number: 783
Episode Guest: John Dudley
Original Airdate: April 12, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Viralstyle,, Squarespace, Onnit

Guest Bio: John Dudley is a professional archer and host of Nock On TV. Check out his podcast Nock On available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Video of John shooting an arrow 100 yards through the handle of an Onnit gorilla Primal Bell kettlebell; John made the shot his first try; archery is a sport and almost like a martial art; archery is very technical and requires total focus; clearing the mind; archery is meditation; archery compared to martial arts, dancing, golf, and pool; Francisco Bustamante pool break video; archery is a great stress-free hobby; archery in movies and TV; recurve bows in the Olympics; different types of archery; the geeky side of archery; the evolution of bows and sports equipment; people pushing the archery envelope today; converting yards to meters easily; shooting long magnifies your mistakes; professionals preparing for archery; importance of fitness; training quality vs. quantity; mental imprints; Joe shot an arrow into his pool; don’t let negative moments affect your future; management of the mind; archery is absolute; learning to break bad habits or techniques; story of John teaching archery in India; Asian culture teaches discipline and hard work; Americans want a shortcut; archery isn’t hunting; archery is not limited by age, gender, or physique; Matt Stutzman, the armless archer; John learning to shoot with his mouth and the opposite side of his body after a shoulder injury; to get good at something, do it with opposite side of your body; skateboarding and switching sides; recognizing weakness and making it a strength; field archery; knowing what you suck at; MMA and ambidexterity; MMA is a chess game; Anthony Bourdain won a gold medal in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament; realizing cooking is an art; if kendo is a martial art, then so is archery; hitting a target is like a drug; ending on a high note; training for one overwhelming moment; training something until it becomes a part of you; removing the anticipation; controlling emotions during important moments; John’s story of competing in Poland and having to shoot over peoples’ heads; John’s range at home; John moved to Iowa to get more deer tags for hunting; white tail hunting in America; cooking is an art; getting into archery to become a better and more ethical hunter; standout athletes realize where they need to improve; learning how to make arrows; giving up football to work in an archery shop; telling people what he does; doing something you love; working on something difficult is rewarding; when John and Joe first spoke on the phone; how Joe motivates John; people at the gym; people need to find a way to motivate themselves; Joe talks about being on MTV and seeing Downtown Julie Brown; most people don’t have mentors; finding your passion and pursuing it; pushing yourself; The War of Art book; people don’t realize their potential; be willing to fail; victory is sweeter after failure; bad hunting TV shows; hunters have a responsibility to represent themselves ethically and respect other peoples’ feelings; wild pigs; airline seats; parking lots; Joe wants to open an archery store or school; bad archery stores; John’s son’s skills at archery; his Nock On TV show; women and kids are easier to teach than men; people don’t want to learn things because they don’t want to fail; ADD and its benefits; differences between people; we force children to focus on things they don’t care about; the problems with formal education; kids drinking energy drinks; serving sizes of foods and drinks; sugar in protein bars; Joe went off his diet to eat a cheeseburger and a milkshake and crashed afterwards; you can tell a lot about people by what they eat; the importance of nutrition during competition; Joe talks about not crashing while on his diet; getting the right nutrients; fat people who can’t see their feet; John got fat and started to cut all his meals in half to lose weight and he cut soda/pop out of his diet; avoiding carbs and starches; exogenous ketones; Cameron Hanes inspired Joe to become a better hunter; money to preserve wildlife and nature comes from hunters; controlling the population of wild pigs; controlling predator populations; working with Frank Zane on his archery; John hitting a deer with his car; there are 50,000 deer and vehicle crashes in Michigan each year; story about having to kill wolves/coyotes while hunting after killing an elk; The Grey movie; wildlife photographer’s Instagram account; you have to be on guard while hunting because of bears and wolves; tag limits are given because of issues with animals; two bears fighting in New Jersey video; billboard of a bear and lion hugging which says “They’re All Cecil”; story about a bear breaking into cabins and living in them; bears will kill everything; John tells another story about encountering bears in the wild; bears taste good; hunting is like meditation; more talk about animals and hunting; animals can go days without eating; competition between wild animals; importance of giving back to animal and nature conservation; people have opinions about animals and wildlife without any knowledge of animals or wildlife; there are over one million deer and car accidents per year in the United States; John’s dad hit a deer and destroyed his teeth after he fixed them with braces; John’s wife realizing that animal conservation/hunting is necessary.

My Thoughts: Much of his podcast is all about realizing your potential and following your passion. Motivating if this type of talk is your thing. The rest is about archery and hunting. John says “fricking” a lot.

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