The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 782 with Rick Doblin

Episode Number: 782
Episode Guest: Rick Doblin
Original Airdate: April 7, 2016
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Guest Bio: Rick Doblin, Ph.D., is the founder and executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

Topics Discussed: MAPS name; Maps of Consciousness book; you can tell people you get drunk but not that you do psychedelics; tech companies like Google and Facebook don’t do drug testing on employees; Rick wants people to have dinner with friends and talk about drugs; people are starting to understand drugs; people who smoke a lot of weed have lower IQs; weed and exercise; weed and sports; ego-dissolving qualities of marijuana; marijuana and driving; existence of aliens; aliens are a secular Jesus; Joe Rogan Questions Everything TV show; indigenous tribes; Rick did MDMA with Native American Indians; speech from The Outlaw Josie Wales video; Native American culture; we’re on a more even playing field today; cultural appropriation; Justin Bieber has dreadlocks; a white guy with dreads is not important; avoiding work; focusing on work and being the boss of yourself; the first draft of everything is shit; writing and editing while stoned; WriteRoom app; Scrivener app; writing and creating material; funny Twitter users; MAPS social media presence; MDMA studies on PTSD; variables of therapy; six billion dollars is spent annually on disability payments for those suffering with PTSD; how they test people and the effects of MDMA on PTSD; double-blind testing; how to do a double-blind test with psychedelics; what testing is like; Native American peyote rituals; the therapy experience; MDMA and fear extinction; memories and false memories; changing the feelings of memories; why he chose MDMA over all other drugs; the peaceful and relaxing effects of MDMA; Rick tells a success story of vet with PTSD after experiencing MDMA; happiness from MDMA; testing MDMA on couples; MDMA will only be allowed to treat diseases; Rick had 2 lbs. of MDMA made; Rick is still using the same MDMA supply 31 years later; risks and LD50 of MDMA; MDMA is a performance enhancing drug; risks vs. benefits of MDMA; most street ecstasy that was tested had no MDMA in it; prohibition or probation; Nixon’s war on drugs targeted hippies and blacks; drugs should be classified; Thalidomide; Rick tried meth; meth was used as far back as the 1950s; meth compared to MDMA; MDMA and mescaline; using psychedelics to prepare for death; Rick thinks MDMA will be legal for medicinal reasons by 2021; creation of LSD; natural drugs compared to drugs made in a lab; Rick is having new MDMA made for testing; aluminum is everywhere; making medical-grade MDMA; Christopher Columbus was a piece of shit; Rick is writing a movie called Children of the Sun; the story of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca and Native Americans; Ken Burns’ The West documentary series; cultures colliding; Native Americans should be called First Nations like in Canada; ayhuasca and First Nations in Canada; Native American reservation rules for drugs; Uniao de Vegetal; ayhuasca and the United States; Santo Daime, the ayhuasca religion; wine and religion; talk about hallucinating and what is real; Simulations of God book; context of drug trips; the outcome of a drug trip is what’s important; no one knows what others experience on drugs; cigarettes and death; everything should be legal; suicide and being haunted by the past; learning to love yourself; giving MDMA to therapists; MDMA makes pain bearable; marijuana should be rescheduled as a drug with medicinal benefits; marijuana medicinal testing; marijuana and PTSD; MAPS is fighting to test weed; studies of botanicals; weed should be considered medicine federally; talk about the government and medicines; the government has a monopoly on marijuana; fear of the result of the upcoming election; how Rick learned about MDMA; Warriors of the Discotheque: The Starck Club documentary; retired FDA employees are working with MAPS; war is accelerating legalization of MDMA; is MDMA making war more viable; people are looking for new ways to solve their problems; eating weed is very introspective; the military trains people to bury their emotions; is there a responsibility to make bad people better; MDMA and the post-orgasmic state; the day after taking MDMA and recovering from taking MDMA: the FDA is trying to focus on science over politics.

My Thoughts: Not as hippy-dippy as I was expecting. Lots of talk about MDMA and how it can help people, specifically those with PTSD and those who have experienced traumatic events. Some marijuana talk, too. Talk about how MAPS tests drugs on people. Interesting stuff.

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