The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 781 with Kevin Rose

Episode Number: 781
Episode Guest: Kevin Rose
Original Airdate: April 5, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Hardcore Henry movie, Blue Apron, Club W, Onnit

Guest Bio: Kevin Rose is an internet entrepreneur who co-founded Revision3, Digg, Pownce, and Milk. He also served as production assistant and co-host at TechTV’s The Screen Savers.

Topics Discussed: Kevin throws a raccoon who was attacking his dog video; mountain lions eat house pets; raccoon traps; Joe’s feral cat; breaking a horse; Joe ate horse at Joe Beef; lamb meat; protein content of meat; bear meat; trichinosis; collecting butterflies; Denver Butterfly Pavillion; butterflies; cricket protein; fruitarianism; veganism is like a religion; Texas’ problem with pigs; domestic pigswild pigs/boars; you can’t leave all animals alone; mountain lions; Lyme disease; Morgellons disease and its link to Lyme disease; ticks; vaccines; flu shots; cold therapy; taking cold showers; cold weather; cryotherapy; ice baths; benefits of cold baths; banya; saunas; norepinephrine; Van Gogh, insanity, and cold therapy; Rickson Gracie; Choke documentary; blood oxygen meters; people addicted to buying things on Amazon; old people addicted to QVC/catalog shopping; late-night televangelists prey on the old and the poor; old people believe anything that’s on the internet or sent through chain letters; flat earth truthers; people are always searching for secrets; Joe’s thoughts on UFOs; ball lightning; stealth bombers; Kevin talks about working at a Nevada test site near Area 51; Sedan crater; does Kevin think there are any UFOs; Kevin thinks the government was working on anti-gravity technology; working underground at the test site; nuclear testing and experiments; Operation Starfish Prime; nuclear bomb detonated underwater video; Robert Lazar; Stanton Friedman; Joe thinks it’s possible there’s other life in the universe, but it’s also possible we’re the only ones; John Lilly; sensory deprivation tanks (isolation tanks); Joe talks about an experience in an isolation tank while high; eating edible marijuana; Rupert Sheldrake; the mind and memory; genetic memories; ayahuasca and DMT; Joe talks again about Moses, the burning bush, and acacia; juicing marijuana; more talk about ayahuasca; picture of a boar running with a deer in its mouth; coca leaves; chewing coca leaves; psilocybin; maybe we have other senses we can’t tap into unless we do drugs; harmine/telepathine; an app that catalogs peoples’ dreams reveals that people are having the same dreams on the same nights; taking things to enhance your dreams; Alpha Brain; sleep; f.lux app; BluBlocker glasses; Android and Apple; Amazon Instant Video; Amazon Echo; Windows operating system; Chromebooks; two-factor authentication; the cloud and cloud storage; iTunes and Apple Music; Apple devices keep getting better; Joe’s poor eyesight; the body isn’t designed to stare at computers all day; technology is slowly killing us and making us antisocial; photograph of people reading newspapers on a train; tabbed browsing; home phones; Digg; Kevin wants to bring back AOL email; Gmail compared to other free email services; people who prefer Windows; Occulus Rift won’t work on a Mac; running Mac OS on a Windows computer; people like to pick sides; blowback from Digg changing its design; mistakes Digg has made; Kevin’s monthly newsletter; .email and other domain extensions; what Kevin is excited about; eero home WiFi system; will there ever be a time where there’s no more privacy; Gmail is free because Google is trying to sell you things; sneakerheads; Kevin has a sealed copy of Windows 1.0 that’s in a museum; IRC; Quake clans; ICQ; Joe had a T1 line installed in his house; quality of internet access in Joe’s studio; Trent Reznor was addicted to Quake; new Doom video game trailer; LAN parties; celebrity gamers; Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel; Twitch video game streamers; WrestleMania; WrestleMania 32 had over 100,000 attendants; Joe doesn’t watch other sports; Disneyland; Joe’s ketogenic diet; Keto OS; Joe talks about the benefits of his diet; Kevin was testing his keto levels multiple times per day; drinking wine/champagne on ketosis; ketosis blood meters and testing your blood; more ketogenic diet talk; fasting; Joe thinks Hugh Jackman took steroids for the Wolverine movies; over-the-counter supplements contain steroids; USADA’s prohibited substances list; UFC drug testing; Bigger, Stronger, Faster documentary; Frank Zane; Dorian Yates; Tom Platz; body dysmorphia and bodybuilding; Hugh Jackman was on a ketogenic diet for the Wolverine movies; Bondo apefasting and chemotherapy; Dr. Peter Attia; how good Joe feels now on his diet; sugar is terrible for you; we are supposed to get our sugar from fruit; Kevin eats 100% chocolate with no sugar added; Fruition Chocolate; Kevin’s dog ate chocolate and chocolate can kill dogs; eating fruit on a ketogenic diet; cutting out sugar and refined carbs; what Joe’s vices are; Joe went off his diet while vacationing in Mexico; Joe needs to give his body breaks; getting better at saying “no”; Joe only does what he enjoys; doing what you enjoy for a living; Joe is interested in other peoples’ interests; the best paper notebooks; Moleskin notebooks are the worst; Baron FigField Notes, Rhodia notebooks are a few of the best notebooks; Mead composition books; French press coffee press/makerAeroPress coffee press/maker; Kevin talks about a 20-minute coffee pour-over in Japan; Kopi Luwak coffee; Bulletproof Coffee is bullshit and isn’t the origin of butter coffee; all coffee came from Ethiopia; coffee bean talk; Caveman Coffee; Kevin doing a podcast and a live show.

My Thoughts: Talk about animals, meat, and hunting to start the podcast. Cold therapy talk. UFOs and Area 51! Isolation tanks and psychedelic talk. The second half is a lot of technology and video game talk. They talk about ketogenic diets, fasting, bodybuilders, notebooks, and coffee towards the end. Kevin says “interesting” a lot.

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