The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 780 with Sturgill Simpson

Episode Number: 780
Episode Guest: Sturgill Simpson
Original Airdate: April 4, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, MeUndies, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Sturgill Simpson is an American country music singer-songwriter. His new album A Sailor’s Guide to Earth comes out on April 15, 2016.

Topics Discussed: His rise in popularity; Justin Bieber; this is the best time ever for the arts; Brian Holtzman and his comedy; the last spot at The Comedy Store; wearing headphones on the podcast; people eating on the podcast; his touring schedule; missing home while on the road; how your life changes by having children; marriage; raising children; realizing how your personality was developed by raising your own children; his son is starting to talk; Joe’s daughter swearing at 3-years-old; restricting the use of words/swear words to children; swearing is stress-related; how/why people use swear words; saying “like” frequently; doing morning shows; not doing certain kinds of press; repeating things make your memories seem strange; interviews/stories about him; people who have misinformed opinions about him; fake outlaw country singers; Jason Isbell and his music; doing comedy in Los Angeles and watching other comedians; what Sturgill thinks of Los Angels; more Brian Holtzman talk; comparisons between writing a song and doing comedy; be as harmonious as possible with your life; what Sturgill worries about; Oregon standoff; Theodore Roosevelt and land conservation; Yellowstone National Park; Teddy Roosevelt; cougar vs. wolf fight video; panther ran past woman in Florida video; Sturgill saw a buffalo; enter nature at your own risk; what do you do when you’re hunting and you miss your shot; rifle hunting vs. bow hunting; Steve Rinella was run over by a moose; killing an elk with an arrow; Joe’s friend was surrounded by wolves who wanted an elk he killed; wolves slaughter 19 elk in Wyoming; more talk about wolves; what did Native Americans do about wolves; bisons aren’t scared of wolves; mountain lions killing elk; a mountain lion killed a koala bear in a zoo; trying to control a house cat; Canadian lynx; marten chasing a rabbit video; story about Sturgill’s friend who hit a deer in his car, then had his face eaten by wild animals and raccoons; story about Joe’s friend who worked in Miami; Billy Corben and his documentary Cocaine Cowboys and Cocaine Cowboys 2; foreign objects people have stuffed up their asses; female EMTs have a hard time settling down; PTSD and stressful professions like EMT or ER doctor; there are too many people where the weather is nice; Los Angeles traffic; cities in California; Shooter Jennings and his music and family; trying to improve your life in front of people as an artist; Sturgill’s song “You Can Have the Crown”; writing a song then performing it in front of people; learning from other musicians; hearing stories from fans about his music; how media has ruined music; Amy documentary; focusing on other activities; writing a song and needing space from family; you have to be a little crazy to be an artist; Joe leaked the name of Sturgill’s new album on Instagram; Sturgill’s new album A Sailor’s Guide to Earth; concept albums; Van MorrisonMarvin Gaye, his murder, family life, private life, and his music; homes that once belonged to famous people; Wilt Chamberlain’s house; life before the internet; Panama Papers and data leaks; the system and the government; former Nixon aide reveals that the war on drugs was designed to screw over blacks and hippies; you could get away with anything before the internet; Dick Cheney hunting incident; what demons are inside Dick Cheney; Dick Cheney has no pulse; gun safety; Joe’s stand-up bit about Dick Cheney; Dick Cheney profited from the war in Iraq; Sturgill talks about being in the Navy and being given vaccinations; Gulf War syndrome; depleted uranium shells; tropical diseases, parasites, and the jungle; Steve Rinella got trichinosis from eating bear meat; toxoplasmosis; scientists got shit on by birds and died; doing ayahuasca in the jungle; Bear Grylls, Les Stroud and survival shows; Carter’s W.A.R. TV show; Ray MearsBushcraft TV show; Bigfoot and Bigfoot sightings; where could Bigfoot live; gigantopithecus; homo floresiensis; bears walking on their hind legs; Joe tells story about Les Stroud hearing Bigfoot outside his tent; bears making monkey sounds; Joe wants to believe in UFOs and aliens; if there’s life out there, why would they care about us; turtles are the oldest species on earth; repeating patterns in nature; Fibonacci number/sequence; Fibonacci sequence in nature; Maynard James Keenan and his wine business Caduceus Cellars; Tool; “Prison Sex” song by Tool; binaural beats; icaros; ayahuasca and shaman; you can’t understand ayahuasca without trying it; Joe talks about what ayahuasca/DMT is like; Sturgill talks about why he’s in town.

My Thoughts: Too much time spent on animals and hunting. They touch on comedy, family, politics, drugs, and even Bigfoot. Not enough talk about his music or music in general. He doesn’t play any of his songs live, and Joe doesn’t play any of them for us to hear.

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